The Rise Of Vegetarianism In Australia

We have all heard it (or said it) before: “Do you eat grass and raw carrots?” Many people honestly do not know what a vegetarian meal consists of, but the view has been and is slowly shifting. People around the world are realising that vegetarian food can be full of flavour, look beautiful and have a well-balanced nutritional substance without the proteins of meat.

As seen on TV, YouTube videos and social media platforms, there is a booming interest in vegetarian food. Celebrity chefs, Gordon Ramsey being a prime example with his videos, have jumped on board and provided vegetarian fine dining in their restaurants, as well as their cook-along videos and shows for homemade meals.

In line with the rest of the world, Australia is no different. Australians have shown an increased curiosity for no-meat meals.

What The Statistics Say

According to a study conducted by Finder at the beginning of the year, vegetarianism ranked in the top 3 of diets Australians wanted to try. An interesting aspect of the study to note was that the percentage of males wanting to try vegetarianism was slightly greater than females. This shows that the toxic masculinity perception regarding food is changing.

In a survey conducted by Griffith University, Queensland University of Technology and La Trobe University, 3000 Australians were asked about their attitudes towards food. The research team found that 32% of the surveyed participants stated that they had reduced their meat intake in the past 12 months. Health concerns seem to be the biggest factor in the surveyed participants as to why they are considering the reduction.

What This Means For Vegetarians

With this increase in vegetarianism, restaurants are adapting to ensure that the stereotypical vegetarian food is not served. You can now go out with your friends, family or on a date and get the same quality fine dining experience with meatless meals. As the global trends are changing, chefs are developing different cooking techniques and recipes to achieve a successful flavour combination without utilising the usual meat ingredients.

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