Awesome Health Benefits Of Drinking Lassi!

Sweets form a very important part of the Indian cuisine. Every Indian meal has at least one element which is sweet be it in the form of a drink or a dessert. Though this diverse food palette is famous for its use of spices and condiments, it is also known for its sweet-centric foods. Many well-known drinks of this cuisine are a blend of sweet and salt. Moreover, apart from being water-based, several drinks are also milk-based. One of the most interesting drinks of Indian food is lassi. You can get this creamy drink at several restaurants in Point Cook. Lassi is a Punjabi drink which is usually consumed in summers. This unique drink is yogurt-based which is known for its mind-blowing creamy texture. Commonly, lassi is made with a mix of yogurt, water, cream and sugar. However, like the other foods,even lassi has witnessed a makeover. These days lassi is available in a variety of flavours like mango, rose, strawberry, etc. Apart from the stated, you can choose to go for a simple sweet lassi or a salted one. Lassi also has some amazing health benefits. Take a look.

  • Helps in digestion

Lassi is usually consumed as a coolant which in turn helps in digestion. This drink is made of yogurt which is known to have healthy bacteria. Due to the stated, it should ideally be consumed after the meal. Additionally, if you have eaten a lot of spicy food then lassi can help soothe the digestive system.

  • Rich in calcium

With a good amount of cream and yogurt, lassi is rich in calcium. This helps in improving the bone health and in turn also affects the dental health positively. Consumption of lassi can help in strengthening the bones.

  • Fights acidity

Lassi has amazing health benefits especially when it comes to digestion. It not only fights indigestion, bloating and constipation, it also helps fight acidity. Because lassi is prepared from yogurt it soothes the stomach and brings down the acidity levels.

Visit Indian restaurants in Point Cook and experience this heavenly drink! Next time you experience a digestion problem, you know the drink to opt for.