Coconut-based Dishes Which Will Impress Your Foodie Soul

Every Indian dish is known for its peculiar flavour. In order to bring newness to a particular dish, several more ingredients are added. Coconut is one of the most interesting ingredients in Indian cuisine. Widely used in South Indian dishes, coconut has created a special space in the world of curries and seafood too. Due to its unique taste and flexible texture, coconut can be effortlessly added to any preparation. Since ancient times, coconut is used in Indian cooking because of its health benefits. In several dishes, coconut is deliberately added to increase its nutritional value. Well, there are many preparations which are solely based on the coconut flavour and most of these dishes have now become a global favourite. The best thing about using coconut in cooking is that it blends easily with every taste and ingredient. Many a times coconut is used to balance the flavours in the dish too. Head to any of the Indian restaurants in Werribee and try coconut-based dishes. Take a look at some of the most delicious coconut-based preparations.

Coconut Rice

Rice lovers will surely enjoy eating coconut rice. Coconut rice is made up of aromatic basmati rice and coconut. In this dish, the rice is cooked in coconut, mustard seeds and fresh cream. Rich in taste and mild in spice, this particular dish is unique in all ways. If you are bored of the typical rich preparations then this one is surely going to surprise your taste-buds.

Goan Fish Curry

Seafood lovers should definitely try a blend of Goan flavours and coconut. Goan fish curry is adored worldwide for its magnificent concoction of flavours. This particular curry is fish mixed with a lot of Goan spices, coconut, cream, mustard and curry leaves. The taste of this curry is a bit tangy and is balanced with the addition of coconut.

Malabar Prawn Curry

Malabar Prawn curry is a delicious preparation which mainly consists of prawns. The curry here contains prawns mixed in southern spices, coconut, cream, mustard seeds, curry leaves and coriander. This curry is creamy and spicy with a strong aroma which makes it irresistible.

Visit one of the Indian restaurants in Werribee and taste these coconut preparations.