All You Need To Know About Tea And It’s Health Benefits

For most people, their mornings begin with a refreshing cup of tea. This particular beverage has admirers all over the world. Tea is a simple beverage made with tea leaves and boiling water. A small portion of milk and sugar is also added to enhance the taste. Tea was originated in China but has become the second most consumed drink after water all over the world. Well, these days there are many types of tea too. Apart from being aromatic, tea also has many health benefits. Almost every fine dining restaurant in Werribee has a serving of tea in their meal course. Though having tea during meals is a subject of debate, many studies hint at the fact that tea is good for digestion and therefore, should be consumed after a meal! Check out some health benefits of tea.

  • Benefits of green tea

Green tea has enormous health benefits because it contains polyphenols which help in lowering the risk of cancer. Studies show that people who drink green tea on a regular basis have a lower risk of cancer as compared to others. Additionally, this wonderful ingredient also helps in maintaining the blood pressure which results in a good heart health. Consumption of green tea has shown amazing results in weight loss too.

  • Benefits of white tea

Unlike the other tea varieties, white tea is less processed and gives a white appearance upon preparation. Consumption of white tea helps in fighting the bacteria which keep you away from infections and viral diseases. Moreover, white tea is also useful for improving mental health. This tea contains a good number of antioxidants which keep mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and depression at bay.

  • Benefits of black tea

This tea is prepared without using milk making it stronger and more aromatic as compared to other teas. Apart from containing antioxidants, black tea also has many vitamins which the help the body. This particular tea protects the body from ageing effects and also helps in reducing blood cholesterol levels. Black tea is known to have a good effect on oral hygiene too as it prevents tooth decay.

Visit a fine dining restaurant in Werribee and consume a cup of tea without fail!