Try Our New Range Of Desserts To Give Your Indian Meal A Perfect End!

Indian food is full of flavours. Right from spicy curries to sweet desserts, this cuisine has something for everyone. Filled with a number of ingredients and spices, Indian dishes are meant to serve every individual’s taste buds. The land of several cultures is also not behind when it comes to sweet delicacies. The mention of desserts is a must when it comes to Indian food. If you have a sweet tooth and don’t mind trying new preparations then Indian desserts must be on your list. In most parts of India, sweets are served to mark an auspicious occasion or event. However, these dishes have now become extremely popular on the global front. Rich in both ingredients and taste, Indian desserts are quite heavy on the stomach. Perfect for your cheat day binge, eat these sweet treats at the best fine dining in Hoppers Crossing. Apart from being a major part of celebrations, these desserts are a crucial part of every Indian meal too. Here are some delectable desserts from our menu which are a must-try.

Gajar Ka Halwa

One of the most famous Indian desserts is Gajar Ka Halwa. This mouth-watering dish is made up of grated carrots, milk, dry fruits and sugar. The stated ingredients are cooked together until the perfect consistency is achieved. Gajar Ka Halwa served with a scoop of ice-cream makes for a heavenly dessert.


Rasmalai is a rich sweet dish which is slightly similar to Rasgulla. Here, the cottage cheese dumplings are flattened a bit and then soaked in cold thick milk. The milk is mildly flavoured to enhance the taste of the dumplings. It is best to savour this delicacy after a hot and spicy Indian meal.

Gulab Jamun with vanilla ice-cream

Deep-fried cottage cheese dumplings soaked in sugar syrup is Gulab Jamun. Best served warm, Gulab Jamuns can also be eaten with vanilla ice-cream. Gulab Jamuns have a soft texture and their sweetness is divine! More like sweet and spongy balls, Gulab Jamuns are irresistible.

Visit the best fine dining in Hoppers Crossing and relish these Indian desserts!