Top 5 Seafood Dishes that will Leave You Craving for More!

Bejewelled with the beautiful marine life around, no need to specifically mention that Australia is one of the best places to satisfy the appetite for seafood dishes. In most of the fine dining restaurants in Hoppers Crossing, grills, bisques and fries prepared from seafood are a staple. So, if you are planning on giving a zing to your palate and try something new, then sample the various types of seafood dishes that are served in the fine dining Indian restaurants.

In India, a lot of fish and shellfish are eaten all across the country. And at Jai Ho, one of the best fine dining restaurants in Hoppers Crossing, we stress on bringing the best possible seafood experience to you. The foundation of Indian cuisine is in its spices, with which they make more than thousands of combinations. The mixtures of spices are called masala and the sauce that is made with these masalas is called curry. Thus, any dish with sauce in India is called a curry, and the Indian seafood curries are a true delight to the palate. So, here we have assembled a few delicious Indian seafood dishes that will leave you craving for more. If you are entering a fine dining Indian restaurant, then these are the top 5 dishes you should definitely try.

Fish Amritsari: Named after a place in India, Amritsar, Fish Amritsari is prepared by following the traditional spices and cooking method adopted from the aforementioned place. This snack is created by coating boneless fish fillets in a batter of chickpea seasoned with spices and then frying them to attain a crispy texture.

Coco Prawns: Coco prawns is a very unique dish which is prepared by coating sumptuous tiger prawns in coconut crumbs and then deep-frying them to acquire a subtle, coconutty flavour.

Fish Kashmiri: Acquiring its name from the heavenly province of Kashmir, Fish Kashmiri marks the traditional cooking style of Kashmiri people. It is a yogurt-based gravy prepared with pieces of fish, accentuated with the sweet fragrance of fennel seeds. In any fine dining Indian restaurant, Fish Kashmiri is mostly present in the menu, so definitely, give it a try.

Fish Vindaloo: Very popular in Goa, Fish Vindaloo is perfect for those who are not scared of hot, spicy food. Slices of fish and potatoes are cooked in the very hot vindaloo sauce. Fresh sprigs of coriander are sprinkled over the gravy while serving to effuse that unique note of freshness.

Prawns Makhni: A very popular Punjabi recipe, Prawns Makhni is a rich dish prepared with black tiger prawns dipped in a creamy gravy of ripe tomatoes, cashew nuts and exotic dried fenugreek leaves. This fine Indian recipe is sure to win your heart.