Why Do People Prefer a Restaurant Wedding?

As a restaurant is a place where you traditionally go for celebrating a milestone or a special occasion, it really would be making sense to celebrate the most special day of your life at a restaurant. Today many people think of a restaurant wedding. Melbourne is quite a gourmet’s paradise, so an Indian wedding reception at a reputed restaurant, bistro or café, is surely the tastiest way of customizing your most special day. However, you need to do ample research before choosing the best restaurant in town for your wedding reception.

You must chalk out a list of restaurants and then make a reservation in each one. You need to personally go and check out all those places. You must focus mainly on the menu, décor, ambiance and the staff behaviour and efficiency. You must check out if the place is spacious enough for organizing the party there. Top Indian restaurants in Melbourne are accustomed to catering for Indian weddings. They are quite renowned for their food and service. Here are the top reasons why today many couples are opting for a restaurant wedding party and celebrations.

Service Would Be Spot-On

  • If you are looking for a top-notch service, nothing else could beat a restaurant in that department. An established restaurant gets its name, fame and acclaim not only because of exceptionally tasty food but also because of its immaculate staff and outstanding service. Restaurants are much better in service than the rest because they do this every day. A restaurant is not exactly a venue that is used to conducting a wedding every week. Restaurants serve lunch and dinner every day of the week and they are good at whatever they do. If you wish to make your wedding a memorable one and if you want the guests to talk about your wedding many years down the line, organise your wedding celebrations at any reputed restaurant. People would be remembering a wedding few years later not because of the flowers or the linens but because of facts like was the food served well and on time or how long did the staff take to get them a drink.
  • The fee charged by the restaurant would be including almost everything. Most restaurants would be charging the per-person fee which would be covering the drinks, food, glassware, tableware, linens and also the staff.
  • Restaurants never charge any venue fee. But other kinds of spaces like museums and gardens do. No restaurants would be taking any separate venue fee from you. This could be a huge savings because you just need to spend on beverage and food.
  • Some restaurants have their own private dining rooms that are just right for a special occasion or an intimate wedding. Booking an entire restaurant during the weekend could prove to be a pretty expensive affair. If there are budgetary constraints, and have a relatively small guest list, you could consider these dining spots which would be having private rooms. This would allow the main restaurant to carry on doing usual weekend business. This would certainly help reduce the prices.
  • There is absolutely no need to go about decorating the venue if you have booked a restaurant. When you book an empty hall or a nondescript ballroom, it would be mandatory for you to rent each and everything right from the lighting to the drapes to decorate the place. A restaurant is already nicely decorated so you would be saving a lot of money.

Some restaurants would be offering attractive off-hour deals which could be tremendously money-saving.  Rates for a weekend lunch or a mid-week evening party could prove to be an amazing bargain. So what are you waiting for? A reputed restaurant in Melbourne would be the right venue for an Indian wedding with a difference!