Foods that are a Must at Every Indian Wedding Banquet

Ever been to an Indian wedding that wasn’t lavish or had a tiny queue at the buffet table? Of course not! One of the things a wedding in remembered for the most is the food served at the occasion. Irrespective of who does the cooking, it is eventually the wedding party that is commended or reprimanded about their choice of caterer. Jai Ho is a restaurant that has been sought after at every Indian wedding in Melbourne, and for good reason!

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Here are all of the food items that are must-haves at Indian weddings, and that Jai Ho is also known to cater:

Authentic Indian Gravies

The Indian curry is known and preferred for the fusion of herbs and spices together along with a generous dash of chillies, both fresh and dried. Different proportions of the spices create an array of dishes that taste delightful in every bite. These gravies can be made using meat or vegetables, depending on the kind wedding you are hosting or the guests attending.

Breads to Accompany the Spicy Curries

No Indian food is complete without the special Indian breads served alongside the main course serving. Whether the cuisine served is a delightful mix of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, or sticking to a particular preference, the amalgamation of all the spices and flavours together give you mouth-watering dishes to try with the array of Indian breads such as parathas, kulchas, naans, and more.

A treat for those with a sweet tooth

Innovative dessert options have never been scarce in Indian cuisine. From kulfis and gulab jamuns to gajar halwa and more, the perfect blend of ingredients form some of the sweetest delights that Indians serve. And with a wedding banquet serving authentic Indian cuisine, Indian desserts are a definite necessity to finish off the dinner, followed by some pan.

Planning an Indian wedding in Melbourne is easy when you have the right catering service around who promise to cater the event with food that can keep you the talk of the town for years.