Indian Food Take Away in Tarneit

It is said that the cuisine of a place reflects its people. And Indian food is rich and varied in its colors, flavors and textures, just like its diverse people. We at Jai Ho Indian Restaurant recognize that Indian cuisine is becoming ever more popular by the day. And the culturally diverse community in Melbourne is no exception. At Jai Ho Indian Restaurant, we have seen an increasing demand for authentic Indian food in Melbourne, and that is the reason we’ve started takeaways at our Tarneit outlet.

Our specialty is to contemporize traditional recipes with a global twist. Add to this, our chef’s own unique touch and innovation while preparing Indian dishes leaves our guests asking for more. But Indian food can seem spicy for some. And if that is the case with you, then you needn’t worry, as we will customize the flavors and spice to suit your palate.

At Jai Ho Indian Restaurant, you can choose from a selection of amazing Indian delicacies – from favorites such as Samosas, Tandoori Chicken, Lamb Kofta Curry, assortment of chaats, Paneer Butter Masala to a host of other starters and sweet dishes. Click on menu to view our takeaway menu. Each item on the menu has its own unique flavor and texture, depending on the region in India where it comes from. We specialize in Tandoori food cooked to perfection in the traditional Indian clay pot – the tandoor. While the curries vary on the spice scale, we make them moderately spicy if that’s how you like it.

We are also a haven for vegetarians offering a wide variety of popular Indian vegetarian dishes, where there is always something new to try. We make a wide variety of Indian breads, each of which is a treat in itself. You could try out a new bread everytime – from rotis to naans and paranthas! Not to mention our assortment of traditional Indian desserts, which are sure to delight all those with a sweet tooth!

You can rest assured that at Jai Ho Indian Restaurant, you will experience the finest Indian cuisine from our Indian takeaway Tarneit. After all, we’re among the pioneers of authentic Indian cuisine in Melbourne, and have been voted as Melbourne’s best Indian restaurant. Our focus on authenticity has made us a reputed household name for our regulars. You could check out our many testimonials as well, that bring alive this point.

Whether you are home alone, or throwing a party, you could always order a takeaway of lip-smacking, mouth wateringly tasty Indian food that is sure to transport you to the land of diversity that is India. Come, experience amazing Indian cuisine from our food delivery Tarneit outlet.