Spice up your Aloo Tikki Chaats with Chutney, Yogurt, Chole and More!

Aloo Tikki Chaats With Chutney

A popular snack item served in most Indian restaurants, aloo tikkis are a preparation made using boiled potatoes, peas, and spices. Served in a number of ways, here is how you can make the most of this delicious food item!

Accompaniments to eat it with: 

Aloo tikkis are best served with accompaniments that bring out the tastes and flavours the best way possible. Here are some commonly served companions to delectable aloo tikkis:

  • Mint chutney

Spicy and refreshing, chutney made using mint together with aloo tikki is a perfect blend of tastes. With aloo tikki offering the crunch needed and the chutney being its minty self, you are sure to enjoy the tikkis more.

  • Tamarind chutney

Along with the spicy and minty chutney, something sweet and sour works as a great accompaniment. Chutney made using tamarinds are ideal with aloo tikkis for those who love it sweeter rather than spicy.

  • Curd

Curd is another accompaniment that, while seeming tasteless, tastes like magic with aloo tikkis. The lovely combination of hot and cold and the blend of flavours give you just the right balance. Additionally, you can add spices or chaat masala within the curd to make the taste a little more zestful.

  • Ragda or chole

Apart from chutneys, another item that is popularly served with aloo tikkis is ragda or chole. Made using potatoes, yellow peas, and spices to boot, ragda patties are quite a delicacy. The dish is voraciously relished in the western regions of India. On the other hand, chole patties, having originated in northern India, are another variation that is enjoyed quite a lot. This dish is now popular across the globe for the unique flavours and the flavoursome taste of all the items blending together.

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