Start this Year’s Feast with these Five Amazing Indian Dishes

With the beginning of a new year comes a new chance to taste, eat and love the different types of new food out there. Dedicated to this enthusiasm of exploring new delectable dishes, we have brought five most exquisite Indian dishes that you can enjoy in your nearby Indian restaurants.

The exotic flavours of spices always add a majestic touch to our palate. But, due to the vast varieties in Indian cuisine, it often becomes overwhelming to make the right choice while placing an order in an Indian restaurant in Melbourne. So, here we have come to be your guide at sorting out the most enjoyable Indian dishes for this New Year.

Samosas: A snack not to be forgotten!

Samosas are very popular crispy fried dumplings from India that are made with wheat flour. These dumplings are usually filled with potatoes and peas, assorted vegetables or even meats (for the meat lovers). They are eaten hot and accompanied by various sauces or chutneys or a more refreshing yogurt.

Tandoori Chicken: An Indian type of roast for barbeque style food lovers!

The tandoor is a cylindrical oven, traditionally fed with charcoal, although currently electric or gas predominate, inside which the chicken, lamb, fish or vegetables are cooked. This type of Indian cuisine has the advantage of preserving all juices and flavours within it, preventing the dryness of which many roasts sin. Chicken tandoori is one of the most famous recipes that are cooked in this method. In this dish, the chicken pieces are marinated in yogurt and different spices giving it a unique, mouth-watering taste.

Paneer Saag Wala: A treat for all vegetarians!

If you are a vegetarian, then this dish will impress you beyond words. Paneer means fresh cottage cheese and in this particular recipe, cottage cheese is cooked with an herb-based spinach gravy. In most Melbourne based Indian restaurants, you will get this dish, however, if you like paneer a lot, then you can also try the Kadhai Paneer, in which the cheese is combined with onion, pepper and spices.

Chicken Vindaloo: For those who love a spicy chicken dish!

It is a bite for the brave because of the spicy texture of the dish. This curry is typical of Goa, and its name derives, curiously, from another Portuguese dish, the vinha d’alhos, a meat preparation that is paired with wine and garlic. The Indians transformed it by adding spices and peppers to the casserole. Sometimes, people also add potatoes to this stew to dampen the level of spiciness, but the traditional version does not carry them. They make it really delicious in any Indian restaurant in Melbourne.

Lamb Rogan Josh: A must-have if you love lamb!

This delicious lamb curry is of Kashmiri origin. This flavourful lamb dish is cooked in a tomato gravy fragranced with selected spices and herbs. This aromatic Indian dish is often enjoyed with Indian bread (chapatis, naan, kulcha, etc.) or basmati rice in most Indian restaurants.