Going to Restaurants and Eating Healthy

You can eat out yet eat healthy if you know the tricks. Going to a restaurant is certainly no excuse for eating unhealthy foods. Follow certain tips and you would enjoy every meal and you would feel happy and satisfied with every eating-out experience. There would no longer be any pangs of guilt for eating out. Nearly all reputed chains in Australia have successfully added healthier items to their menus. But you should know how to identify them. Rely on the tips given below to help make each of your eating out experience a healthier and certainly happier treat.

Have It Your Way

When you are dining out, stop being a meek consumer. Instead, you ought to be assertive and ask for slight changes in the way dishes on the menu are served. For instance, if a certain dish is fried, you could request for it to be grilled instead. If it is supposed to be served with French fries, you could opt for veggies salad instead. You could opt for baked potato rather than fried stuff, have salad and avoid coleslaw. You just ask for the food the way you wish to have it. Quite often, the restaurants have absolutely no issues in cooperating with you. Come to a reputed restaurant in South Yarra and have it your way. If you are chilling out in an Indian restaurant, you could ask for instance, for a roasted or baked aloo paratha, instead of a fried one.

Order Right

It is a good idea to order from the low fat, light and healthy entrees present on the menu. Many restaurants nowadays even list the nutritional content and calories of such dishes. You could choose from healthy entrees as per the available nutritional information if any.

Be Smart While Choosing Low-Carb Dishes

You must watch out while choosing low-carb options. Most restaurant chains today focus on offering a host of low-carb options. You need to be smart enough to understand that low-carb does not necessarily imply low-cal. So do not get unnecessarily swayed by these gimmicks. Look for veggie platter as that could be low-carb, as well as, low cal.

Opt for Double Appetizers

If a restaurant is offering a good selection of vegetable-based and seafood appetizers, you could wisely skip the entrée, instead, enjoy two appetizers. This could be filling, as well as, fulfilling. Try it. If you are going to an Indian restaurant, enjoy the fish tikka, paneer tikka, and the kebabs and avoid the main course.

Order a Nutritious Salad

Remember to order a nice salad before you order anything else. Studies reveal that people who ate a large veggie salad often ended up eating fewer calories overall. So always opt for a nice healthy first-course salad.

Avoid Fatty Salads

Avoid fatty salads. Opt for tasty but healthy options. Avoid pasta salads, coleslaw or potato salads as your intention should be to stay away from the creamy sauce. Avoid the fried noodles or the bacon bits. Instead have loads of veggies, fruits, and nuts. Avoid salads that are loaded with meats and cheese. Opt for green salads.

Skip Exotic Drinks

If you are ordering alcoholic drinks, it is better to avoid the fancy mixed drinks that could be sugary and adding calories. Avoid the piña coladas, margaritas etc.  Instead, opt for a nice glass of wine or maybe a light beer or vodka or just a simple martini.

Drink Water

Keep drinking water all through the meal. It would certainly slow you down. You would feel that you are full. This way you would not overeat.

Skip the Dessert

It is a good idea to avoid the dessert after a hearty meal in a restaurant. Avoid sinful desserts like ice cream topped with cream or a Triple Chocolate Meltdown.

Remember it is never a good idea to stay away from restaurants; it is a better idea to eat healthy even in restaurants by making the right choices.