Choose A Traditional Indian Restaurant For Your Birthday Party To Add Colour, Tradition, And Fine Dining To Your Celebrations

India is a country steeped in centuries of celebration. Across the world, India is recognised for its many cultural and traditional festivals. Birthdays are no exception; these events are transformed into festive, bright, colourful, and musical celebrations of good food and even better desserts. In Australia, you can experience all the joy and colour of an Indian birthday celebration by choosing an Indian restaurant for a birthday party.

Lavish decoration, stress-free planning, and a wide range of catering options to meet the needs of all your guests. These are among the reasons why an Indian restaurant is a perfect venue for birthdays and, indeed, any celebration.

What Makes Birthday Celebrations In India Such Special Occasions?

Birthdays are a major occasion in India, and the chance to pack as many festivities as possible into one day is not taken for granted. Birthday customs vary significantly throughout the country and are unique to each region.

Cake Feeding: Unquestionably, the most well-known (and enjoyable!) is the birthday cake feeding tradition. After singing ‘Happy Birthday’ in English or Hindi, the celebrant cuts the cake and feeds a piece to each of the guests, and each guest feeds them in turn; it is not uncommon to end up with a face full of cake and a whole lot of laughter.

Honouring Traditions: Traditionally, a birthday morning begins early and with a visit to the temple, where blessings are sought, and thanks are given, as this is an important way to start any new chapter.

Many Hindu households perform aarti, a ritual in which lit diyas (candle lamps) are placed on a silver platter around the celebrant. On birthdays, turmeric-infused rice is applied to the forehead, and pujas (prayers) are held to wish for health, success, and prosperity.

New Clothes And Dessert Before Dinner: What more could you ask for? Like in most cultures, children look forward to brand new colourful outfits and sets of fashionable clothes. Furthermore, overindulging in sweets on one’s birthday isn’t anything new or unusual. However, the sweet or dessert is frequently consumed first. It is customary to start your birthday dinner with a sweet, usually a laddu or barfi or a dessert consisting of wheat, ghee, and sugar, and then move on to the main course.

Charity: Traditional birthday celebrations often include charitable donations of food, clothes or money to those less fortunate. The deeper thought behind this is that birthday joy should be shared and that one should remain humble by thinking beyond one’s existence to build a more thoughtful and caring society. It is also customary to plant a tree as part of birthday celebrations in some regions.

Why Celebrate Your Birthday At A Traditional Indian Restaurant

One of the greatest ways to get the most out of your birthday celebrations, or when planning a birthday party for a loved one, is to set a budget and an outline of your vision in terms of decoration, theme, entertainment and music and leave the rest in the hands of expert event managers. Another incredible advantage is having access to sensational catering menus that accommodate all dietary requirements.

We can offer just that! Jai Ho is the ideal venue for parties suitable to any age; we have exclusive vegetarian menus and kids’ menus. If you are looking for a traditional Indian restaurant for a birthday party or any special occasion, look no further.

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