4 Best Indian Rice Recipes To Try

Indian food is as diverse as the country itself. Considering that fact. India has different forms of rice varieties found in every part of the state. Each state has its own staple rice recipes which they consume on a regular basis. Moreover, rice holds a special place in every Indian’s heart and you can visit any Indian restaurant to gorge on these delicacies.

We introduce you to some of the famous Indian rice recipes:

Vegetable Pulao– This is the basic form of rice which is made by a lot of vegetables and spices. This is white in colour and all you can see is the variety of veggies that are sliced with aromatic spices. It is easy to cook and you can relish it with curd by its side. A dash of lemon makes it tastier.

Khichdi– Well, Khichdi suffices your taste buds and is that dish which you can when you want to have a simple meal. Khichdi is made up of rice and lentils with fewer amount of spices as compared to Veg Pulao. Turmeric and cumin seeds is the main essence of this particular dish which gives it a yellow colour. Topped up with a generous amount of ghee, khichdi is well-accompanied by mango pickle and papad.

Biryani- This is the most time-consuming and royal delicacy which the Nawabs left-back for India. Biryani is made on special occasions, with a particular form of rice named Basmati which is longer than the usual ones and has a beautiful aroma. With lots of spices and vegetables, this dish takes time and is the favourite savoury of all the Indians. It is the most searched recipe on Google and has different varieties in it like Dum Biryani, Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani and Paneer Tikka Biryani.

Curd Rice-This is the easiest rice recipe which is consumed by all the South Indians on a regular basis. It is made up of rice and curd and has a lot of health benefits.

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