Enjoy Mushrooms as their Royal Best


Enjoy Mushrooms as their Royal Best – Jai Ho Indian Restaurant

A fungi that is widely consumed and relished, mushrooms are fungal bodies that are fleshy and nutritious. While there are numerous types of mushrooms, the ones that are edible are non-poisonous and offer health benefits that have made it such a loved dish. Certain kinds of mushrooms are also specifically used by people practicing medicine for medicinal purposes. The mushrooms available in the market for consumptions are specially chosen from where are cultivated, making them fit for consumption on a regular basis as part of ones meal.

The popularity of this food item is such that is also prepared in elaborate ways that make mushrooms a delicacy. Apart from talking about one of the regal looking mushrooms, here are some of the health benefit to this food item:

Health benefits of mushrooms

Mushrooms, apart from being delicious, offer numerous health benefits that make it such a delightful dish. From helping in digestion to containing cancer-fighting agents, this food item is used in a lot of rich preparations. Here are some health benefits you should know if you are a fan of mushrooms:

  • Due to being prebiotic in nature, mushrooms help improve digestion by nourishing the good bacteria in one’s gut
  • Weight loss is another health benefit to mushrooms with them being low on fat as well as calories
  • Mushrooms increase one’s satiety and reduce one’s appetite with the help of chitins and beta-glucans, which are dietary fibres
  • Research conducted indicates that people who substituted their meat portions with mushrooms for a year noticed feeling much healthier, fitter, and diabetes, cholesterol, and blood pressure reducing
  • Studies show that mushrooms possess cancer-fighting agents through lectins, which as proteins that help bind abnormal cells.

What Shabnam Curry is all about

Those of who truly enjoy mushrooms would certainly love Shabnam Curry, a dish prepared with mushroom, green peas and cottage cheese. Cooked in a tummy-filling rich creamy sauce, Shabnam Curry is further garnished with fresh cream which makes it extremely delectable. Shabnam Curry is a favourite among most patrons at Jai Ho Indian Restautant who visit us to make the most of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne.