Chaat Dishes for People Who Love Potatoes!

Chaat Dishes For People Who Love Potatoes

Most Indian dishes are known for their rich taste and heavy ingredients. Apart from the popular curries and Indian breads, Indian food also has a category of snacks called chaat. Starters in Indian cuisine are not to be confused with chaat preparations. Chaat dishes mainly consist of spices and chutneys. Starters are quite heavy on the tummy because they are made up of ingredients like cottage cheese, mushrooms, cheese, etc. In India, chaat dishes are served at food stalls and are eaten at any time of the day. Light on the stomach and savoury by all means, chaat preparations are a must-have for food lovers. There is no one particular taste in chaat dishes, in fact, these delicacies are full of flavours. Potatoes play a very important role in the makeup of these dishes. Potatoes have an incredible ability to blend with different spices and are therefore used extensively. Some of the most popular chaat items are bhel puri, samosa chat, dahi puri, etc. Dine at an Indian restaurant in Melbourne and try out these lip-smacking dishes. Well, if you love potatoes check out the following chaat dishes.

Aloo Tikki Chaat

Slightly heavy to eat, Aloo Tikki chaat is an interesting dish which consists of cutlets made up of mashed potatoes. The cutlets are shallow fried and are served with a combination of chutneys. Further, this whole preparation is garnished with chopped onions and coriander. Medium spicy and super tasty, aloo tikki chaat is a must-try.

Samosa Chaat

Triangular in shape, samosas are primarily made up of a spiced potato mixture. The mixture not only contains mashed potatoes it also includes green peas and spices. The stuffing is wrapped in triangular shapes with the help of dough and is then deep-fried. The fried samosas are topped with different kinds of chutneys which makes the dish unique.

Papdi chaat

In papdi chaat, fried wafer-like papdis are served with a considerate amount of mashed potatoes, chickpeas and chutneys. Additionally, this dish also contains yoghurt which enhances its taste.

Try out these amazing aloo chaats at an Indian restaurant in Melbourne.