3 Important Features to Look for in A Fine-Dine Restaurant

A fine dining experience is a fusion of many things other than just the quality and type of food. While you can have a list of all the top Indian restaurants in Melbourne, it can still be difficult to choose the one which has a mix of both- fine dining and amazing food quality and taste.

While one can be in awe of the cutlery, type of cuisine, ambience, good lighting, clean table mates and awe-inspiring furniture, one should probably think beyond that. That would not just justify or give a reason for you to go back to those restaurants again. A fine dining Indian restaurant has more to offer than these aesthetically beautiful things.

We give you some insights on how a fine-dining experience should be so that the next time you can judge the restaurant really well.

The menu on your fingertips

When you visit a restaurant for the first time, there are chances that you would try a completely new dish or would have doubts regarding a particular cuisine. You would probably like to know the taste of the ingredients put in some food items. The servers should be able to answer all your queries and help you to decide on a food menu according to your preferences. The staff should have an opinion of his own which shall guide the patrons on deciding the food item. If the server doesn’t know the peculiarities of all the food items listed in the menu, it can turn them (customers) off.

Etiquette costs nothing

What is the first thing you notice when you see a restaurant staff? A warm and welcoming smile. Thus, there is no need to elaborate on this point as the hospitality sector is bound to have etiquettes. The staff should be polite and have a solution-based approach. So, the next time you visit a restaurant, ensure that whenever you have an eye-contact with any of the staff members, they should be smiling!

An eye for detail

How often have you waved your hand to the staff to get your orders of any kind of help? This determines their ability to attend the customers despite the hustle and bustle. Restaurants can get really busy at times, but ensure that the staff is attentive and pays heed to your needs and requests. A fine dining restaurant shall be available to you even before you have called them. That’s the main difference between an ordinary one and a fine-dine one. They will make you feel important throughout the meal.

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