Find the best Indian restaurant in Berwick!

Indian food which is loved by all in several parts of the world is difficult to resist. There are days when you crave for Indian food and you are unable to locate a good Indian restaurant. If you ever wish to eat in a good Indian restaurant in Berwick, we can be of your help. We will help you to gorge on some lip-smacking Indian dishes.

About Jai Ho

Jai Ho is a popular Indian restaurant in Berwick that serves all Indian delicacies to patrons. It has been established in Berwick since a really long time and is everyone’s favourite. Known for good quality food, Jai Ho has been able to carve a niche as a reliable restaurant in Berwick.

There are a few factors why you should choose Jai Ho.

Great chefs

Jai Ho has some great chefs who is running this restaurant and making it so popular among the consumers. With traditional spices and flavours of India, we try to serve the most authentic Indian food.

Type of food served

Jai Ho offers all varieties of Indian food to suffice the taste buds of consumers. We try to come with new dishes using Indian flavours and ingredients. From south Indian to north Indian food, one can find all the flavours of India under a single roof.

Excellent Service and friendly staff

Our staff is friendly, smart and super active. Being polite and kind, our staff is available at your service all the time. Our Indian restaurant in Berwick is not only known for our food but also by our staff.


Our quality is supreme and standard. We follow all the norms stated by the food authorities. Our staff and premises are well-equipped with all the essential requirements. We follow good hygienic practices with proper care. Our kitchens are neat and tidy. We are licensed and certified Indian food restaurant in Berwick.


The aim of Jai Ho is to cater to a greater number of people and hence our prices are affordable. That does not mean we compromise on quality. We are known for providing good quality food at best prices. While you are done with our dining experience, you will find it all worth the money.

Visit Jai Ho- the best Indian restaurant in Berwick to give your taste buds an amazing experience. Call us if you have more questions.