Why is Indian Cuisine Such a Phenomenon?

When you speak of Indian cuisine, the first images, which dance around your mind, are those of rich, colourful food, imbued with a cornucopia of spices, and coated with various sauces. Spicy is the Indian way, and this is particularly appealing to those abroad because they’ve always had a much more passive stance towards the flame and the spice. Indian cuisine has spread like wildfire and is one of the most loved and appreciated palates globally. Here’s why.

Great Diversity

The term “Indian food” is a misnomer, and the stereotype associated with it, a misconception. India is a huge country, and every region has its own distinctive culinary style and recipes. Rice is the staple in south and east while wheat is the daily meal for the North and West. Central India is into vegetarian dishes while the coastal areas are great for seafood. This inherent diversity is what makes Indian cuisine great. You never know what to expect, and will be pleasantly surprised and impressed by the rollercoaster of flavours every time. India has something for every palate and every whim.

Indian Migrants

Indian expatriates or migrants have played a tremendous role in spreading and popularizing Indian food abroad. Britain, America, Australia, you name it. Trade relations and British colonialism in the past provided a tremendous impetus to the spread of Indian cuisine, leading right up till present day. There are now a number of hotels and thematic restaurants purely dedicated to serving Indian food. Indians are the fourth most populous immigrant community in Australia.

Mainstream Media Coverage

Television food programs, travel magazines and other foodie features have gone a long way in covering and popularizing Indian food, recipes and restaurants. The taste makes it worth sharing while the colours and the vibrancy make it wonderful to look at. By reading or watching positive reviews on their favourite channels, newspapers, magazines or tabloids, consumers have been encouraged to experiment with new cuisines and enjoy it a lot more.


Quite simply- Indian food tastes great. It is always a festival of flavours, and the sheer variety of spices in every dish will make your taste buds dance and your head reel. There is tremendous diversity in terms of non-vegetarian as well as vegetarian dishes, and you really can’t go wrong either way. The food is rich, creamy and absolutely delicious, no matter when or where you are eating.

Availability and Number of Restaurants

The sheer number of restaurants, food centres and hotels where Indian food is available is a tremendous boost. Customers love experimenting at new restaurants, and there is luckily no dearth of Indian restaurants in Hawthorn for them to try new, exotic dishes and flavours at.

Indian food serves as a charming diversion from the monotony of the food people are used to eating every day. Whether you are looking for a new adventure or yearning for home; Indian food presents a uniquely lovable twist to any and every palate, one you will never be able to forget once you have tasted it.