Time to Bust Misconceptions about Indian Cuisine

There is no doubt that Indians have a fascination for rich and spicy food. Many feel that Indian food is not a very healthy option. They couldn’t have been more wrong. Indian food is always prepared from top quality fresh ingredients and Indian dishes are made from scratch. Moreover, according to the latest research done in China, consuming spicy food on a regular basis could, in fact, reduce fatal risk from heart diseases, cancer, and even diabetes. The study revealed that people who consumed spicy food weekly would be having a 14 percent lower death risk as opposed to all those who had spicy dishes less than even once a week. Come explore the extensive menu at the best Indian restaurant in South Yarra and enjoy delicious Indian cuisine.

Are All Indian Dishes Hot & Spicy?

No, not all Indian dishes are hot & spicy. Indian food is made from a variety of spices but not all spices are added to make the dishes hot. Spices add colour and infuse distinctive aromas to the dishes. Only chilli powder makes dishes hot and spicy but chilli powder could be used as per your preference and you could omit it while preparing your own authentic and favourite Indian dishes. Not all Indian delicacies are loaded with different types of spices. The Indian culinary scenario has evolved over the years and the innovative and highly-skilled top-of-the-line chefs have come up with mouth-watering Indian dishes with only a single key spice.

Do You Think That All Indian Food Is Unhealthy & Fatty?

No not at all. Indian dishes could be prepared the way you wish to do it and with the preferred oil type and amount. You could prepare a healthy dish with just 2 teaspoon or you could make the dish sinful by adding 6 tablespoons of oil. There are a plethora of lip-smacking Indian delicacies that do not require any cooking oil. These dishes are usually, made by steaming, roasting, boiling, grilling, etc. Visit the most reputed Indian restaurant in South Yarra.

Do Indian Dishes Contain No Vegetables?

No, of course, not! Indian chefs use a whole lot of authentic Indian vegetables as they are an integral part of the Indian cuisine. Vegetables are cooked in a great variety of ways. The effective cooking methods make vegetarian dishes equally delicious.

Indian dishes are loaded with nutrients. Everyone enjoys eating their greens if they are cooked well. Indian food is given an authentic flavour and unique taste thanks to the use of various spices such as garlic, ginger, turmeric, green chillies etc. These ingredients are known for their medicinal qualities.

Most Indian chefs use fresh produce and most of these delicious Indian dishes are prepared from scratch. This is the authentic Indian way, even though it is time-consuming affair. Enjoy going to the best Indian restaurant in South Yarra for tasting top Indian delicacies.

Is Curry Powder Added to Each & Every Indian Delicacy?

People are under the misconception that all Indian curries would be consisting of curry powder. This is certainly not the truth. Curry powder is not a compulsory ingredient and is used in only a few dishes. Good quality ingredients are used and garam masala is made from a few spices to take Indian cooking to a whole new level.