The Secret behind the Traditional Indian Ice-cream

A frozen dessert made using dairy, kulfi is popularly known around the world as the Indian ice-cream. While it can commonly be found in India, this confectionery has also found fans in every continent around the world with Indian restaurants finding base in every country. Much similar to the ice-cream relished with equal delight, the kulfi is creamier and denser and take a longer time to melt.

The Origin of the Dish

Originating in India during the Mughal reign, this delectable dish got popular with time when its unique taste got recognised. While sweet dishes made with condensed milk were already popular by then, people began to stuff a mixture of condensed milk with saffron and pistachios into metal cones which were then placed in ice shavings. This led to the innovation of the famous kulfi, which is till today a sweet dish craved by many.

Over the years, numerous other innovations have been made using this particular item with people serving kulfi with falooda, an equally relished confectionary made using milk. The kulfi can also be found in a plethora of flavours that are each as savoury as the other.

The Method of Preparation

This mouth-watering delicacy is made by using sweetened milk with added flavour condensed to half the quantity. The condensed milk is then poured into containers which are frozen. One method of freezing the mix is by placing the containers in a mixture of salt and ice. This further speeds up the process of freezing. The famous matka kulfi is also called thus due to its method of preparation.

The kulfi is further garnished with dry fruits, saffron, and more and is prepared in a range of flavours that gives everyone a chance to have the favourite.

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