The Secret behind the Authentic Indian Garam Masala Revealed

Garam Masala is an authentic spice mix that is used in Indian cuisine to take regular dishes to a whole new level. Contrary to what many people believe, garam masala is not really a standard spice mix. It is also not a standalone spice either. The constituents and proportion of the garam masala may keep varying from region to region and sometimes from one household to another. Some families have special garam masala recipe that has been passed on for generations and is undoubtedly a closely-guarded secret. If you wish to enjoy the garam masala in your culinary experience, visit Indian restaurants in South Yarra that serve authentic Indian delicacies.

What Do You Understand by Garam Masala?

The typical garam masala is known to contain whole spices such as cinnamon, green and black cardamom, cloves, black and white peppercorns and white cumin seeds. The whole spices are ground into a smooth spice powder mix.

How Does Garam Masala Differ from South India to the One in North India?

In Northern India, garam masala is mostly used as the powdered spice mix. In South Indian delicacies, garam masala could be added in the form of a thick smooth paste. The whole spices are usually blended or ground together with some coconut milk, water, vinegar etc. to make a smooth paste. Often some other herbs or spices are added to the basic garam masala mix including star anise, onions, garlic, and nuts.

What Is the Difference in the Garam Masala Recipes Attributed to?

This difference in the recipe could be due to the fact that South India is much warmer than North India in terms of climatic temperatures. All the spices are blended together to get a balanced effect. Top-of-the-line chefs in Indian restaurants based in South Yarra know to create mind-blowing Indian dishes using the right proportion and dose of garam masala.

Why Is It Essential To Get The Correct Blend?

The flavours of the different whole spices must be blended carefully for achieving the balanced effect. It is believed that each ingredient would be adding its own distinctive element. Pepper is supposed to add heat and cinnamon is supposed to add sweetness, while nutmeg would be infusing complexity, and coriander would be adding texture and making the spice mix a wee bit lemony. It is, therefore, essential to create a balanced garam masala mix so that all the distinctive flavours could be infused to the desi masala.

How Is Garam Masala Added to Any Dish?

Garam Masala powder or paste is usually added when the cooking is almost done. The whole spices are mostly dry roasted and powdered then used as primarily a finishing spice. Garam Masala mix is usually, sprinkled on dishes to give that extra flavoursome touch to the already mouth-watering Indian delicacies. However, whole spices of the garam masala mix are usually added to piping hot oil at the very beginning of the cooking process before any other ingredients of a dish is added. The whole spices start sizzling and unfurling while releasing their authentic essence directly into the hot oil in the pan. If you happen to be in South Yarra, you may try delectable dishes at reputed Indian restaurants here for a gastronomic delight.