The Amazing Assortment of Indian Breads

Indian cuisine is known for its exotic curries and also for the amazing assortment of breads that are relished as an accompaniment to these delicious and spicy Indian dishes. Everybody in India loves to have freshly made piping hot rotis, naans, chapatis and parathas to scoop and mop up a gravy dish. That is how Indians worldwide have been relishing their food for centuries. Indian cuisine offers an impressive selection of bread. Here are some of the famous Indian flat breads that are popular all over the world and served in Indian restaurants worldwide.


Plain naan is a really soft, fluffy and triangular flatbread that is made of refined white flour and cooked in a traditional clay oven called the tandoor. Often a plain naan is served with a blob of butter that takes it to a whole new level.  Some naans are filled with keema or ground lamb filling with authentic Indian spices. Keema naans are really delectable and could be found in any reputed Indian restaurant to the utter delight of gourmets. The Peshawari Naan is slightly sweetish as compared to the classical plain naan. Though this bread has its origin in Peshawar in Pakistan, it is very much a part of Indian cuisine today. It is stuffed with a nice filling comprising nuts and aromatic spices. This is really delicious bread and you can have it just like that with a little butter or ghee.

Tandoori Roti

Tandoori rotis are very popular all over the world. They are round flat bread made with refined white flour or whole wheat flour depending on whatever one prefers. These rotis are cooked in a Tandoor till nice fluffy and done. They taste mind-blowing if eaten with thick rich Indiana curries and sabzis or vegetarian dishes. Palak paneer tastes delicious if eaten with hot and fluffy tandoori rotis.


Phulka is also referred to as chapatti or rotis and is consumed on a daily basis in most Indian households. Phulkas are made with the healthier whole wheat flour. This is rich in fibres and nutrients. Phulkas are supposed to be really good for your health and fitness as these are low in fat. Butter chicken or kadhai paneer taste amazing when eaten with hot fluffy round rotis or phulkas. You could order rotis in most Indian restaurants worldwide as they are a staple in Indian cuisine.

Paneer Kulcha

Kulcha is a stuffed Indian bread that is made with refined white flour and curd. The stuffing is made with rajma, chana or any Mughalai sabzi.

Laccha Paratha

This is a hot favourite traditional multi-layered Indian flatbread. This is made from simple dough comprising refined flour and water. The uniqueness of lachcha parathas lies in their preparation techniques. These are usually served with mouth-watering chana masala and pickles.

Rumali Rotis

Making rumali rotis is truly an art and it requires a lot of practice to create such paper thin soft bread. Rumali rotis are soft, paper thin whole wheat flour rotis that are usually served folded like handkerchiefs. They are actually cooked or toasted on an inverted wok and they simply taste awesome with butter chicken or kali dal.