Some World Famous Indian Delicacies

India is famous worldwide because of its mouth-watering cuisine. Indians immensely love their desi spices and the food is really mind-blowing. Though non-vegetarian food has never been native to India, there are some incredibly tasty Indian non-vegetarian and vegetarian dishes as well. Indian cuisine has become immensely popular worldwide thanks to its rich flavours, taste, and texture. There are many Indian restaurants abroad especially, in Australia, the USA, and the UK etc. If you feel that Indians alone visit these restaurants, then you would be surprised to know that is not the truth. Restaurants in Hawthorn are known for their food and thronged by one and all. Here are some of the Indian dishes that are enjoyed worldwide thanks to their distinctive taste and high quality.

Malai Kofta

This is a highly popular vegetarian delicacy made from paneer or cottage cheese in thick and rich gravy. This is an alternative for the authentic meatballs but this dish is definitely no less tasty. Often non-vegetarian food lovers are tempted to have malai koftas tempted by the looks and the aromas. Malai kofta is a frequently ordered dish in most Indian restaurants and is enjoyed with butter naan or Tandoori rotis.

Butter Chicken

This is a famous North Indian or Punjabi delicacy. This dish is a true delight for all food connoisseurs across the world. This dish gets its character thanks to the succulent chicken pieces that are marinated in yogurt and classical Indian spices overnight and then cooked in butter. Desi spices such as kesuri methi, garam masala, dhaniya powder are added to enhance the taste. This mouth-watering Punjabi delicacy is best enjoyed with rotis and naans and green salads.

Tandoori Chicken

This is a truly world famous Indian non-vegetarian starter. This is a super delicious Mughlai dish. Chicken pieces are marinated in hung curd and a host of amazing Indian spices and then char-grilled in a hot clay oven called tandoor.  Tandoori Chicken could be relished as a starter or enjoyed with hard drinks. This happens to be the most frequently ordered dish in any Indian restaurant. Most restaurants in Hawthorn serve authentic Tandoori chicken and kebabs.


Biryani is a hot favourite Indian dish that is loved by one and all. It is made from scented Basmati rice. The beautiful long-grained rice has a distinctive aroma that entices everyone. Biryani comprises rice and a large piece of chicken or mutton and usually, accompanied with an egg or a piece of potato mostly in Bengal. There are two versions of Biryani the spicier Hyderabadi Biryani and more flavoursome Biryani from Lucknow. Biryani is usually served with spiced curd or raita and a curry or saalan. It could be enjoyed with the side dishes such as chicken chaanp or mutton rezala. You could have the authentic phirni as a dessert after a fulfilling Biryani meal.


Kebabs are loved by everyone in India and abroad alike. Kebabs are usually chicken or meat marinated and arranged properly in a skewer. They are then grilled over coal till tender and done. The amazing taste and mind-blowing aromas have made kebabs achieve millions of hard-core fans worldwide. You could choose from a wide assortment of kebabs including Reshmi kebabs, Galouti kebabs, Sheekh kebabs, Hariyali kebabs and much more such enticing dishes in restaurants in Hawthorn.