Some Popular Tandoori Dishes You Should Try

Tandoori cuisine is pretty popular worldwide. Food cooked or roasted in a clay oven called tandoor, is referred to as Tandoori food. If you wish to try out delicious Tandoori delicacies, you must visit a reputed Indian restaurant that specializes in Tandoori cuisine. Some of the most popular Tandoori dishes include the juicy and absolutely succulent Tandoori Chicken, the creamy reshmi or malai kebabs, the boneless sheek kebabs, the yummy fish tikkas, the amazing paneer tikkas, the fluffy naan and Tandoori roti.

The advantages of Tandoor cooked food is that you would be getting the awesome char-grilled flavoured dishes that are almost fat-free. Many people love Tandoori cuisine as the food cooked in a Tandoor gets a wonderfully crispy outer skin. Here are some of the best Tandoori dishes that are immensely popular worldwide.

Tandoori Chicken

Chicken is marinated in a mix of yogurt and a number of authentic spices and then roasted or char-grilled in a cylindrical Tandoor oven, till fully done. Tandoori Chicken is hugely popular all over the world. It is a hot favourite food for both youngsters and adults alike. The very sight of red chunks of marinated raw chicken in long metal skewers being lowered into the fiery Tandoor is quite amazing. When Tandoori chicken is done, it is nice and crispy outside and juicy and really succulent inside.

Chicken Tikka

Chicken tikka comprises boneless pieces of marinated chicken that is cooked in the clay oven called the tandoor. The marinade contains yogurt and many authentic spices. In Punjab the chicken pieces are roasted or grilled on open charcoal. The chicken pieces are from time to time brushed with ghee or clarified butter for increasing the flavours, while the pieces are continuously being fanned. Chicken tikka is mostly served with green pudina/ mint or dhaniya/ coriander chutney and onion rings along with lemon wedges.

Reshmi Kebabs

Reshmi kebabs are referred by various names. They are even called malai kebabs, malai chicken tikka, or murg malai kebab. Reshmi kebabs are supposed to be soft, prepared with milk cream and they usually tend to melt in your mouth. Reshmi kebabs are the most frequently ordered dish in any reputed Indian restaurant specializing in Tandoori Place.

 Fish Tikka

Fish tikka is certainly very popular among Tandoori dishes. Boneless pieces of fish marinated in yogurt and various spices are char-grilled in a tandoor until cooked perfectly. This is a healthy dish and frequently ordered as starters in any Indian restaurant. It is mostly served with a green salad comprising finely sliced onions, cucumber, green chillies and lemon juice. Mint or coriander chutney is a compulsory accompaniment. Fish tikkas are actually supposed to be tangy, spicy and flaky. They are flavoursome and tend to melt beautifully in your mouth.


Naan dough is prepared by mixing maida or white flour with yogurt, yeast and salt. The dough is actually kneaded for a while and left as it is, for a few hours and allowed to rise. You would be requiring elastic and smooth dough. When the dough rises up, it is divided into large sized balls that are rolled out and then cooked.