Some Popular Indian Drinks that Leave You Asking for More

Summer in India is almost unbearable due to the scorching sun and excessive humidity. The stifling heat is really killing. People find respite from the unbearable heat by staying indoors and relaxing whenever possible and drinking lots of fluids. Here are some summer special drinks and beverages which are great for tackling the stifling heat in India.

India is a splendid blend of rich traditions and cultures and every culture boasts its own speciality. This speciality could be noticed in their food and drinking habits. The different states of India come up with their own specialty food, local drinks and beverages. The popular Indian drinks are not only yummy but really healthy. Indian cuisine boasts an impressive array of drinks that are refreshing and unique. You could order these drinks from any reputed Indian food catering Melbourne that serves authentic Indian delicacies and drinks. Here are some of the most popular Indian drinks that are much loved even abroad.

Masala Chai

Tea is supposed to be a hot favourite with Indians especially the flavoured variety. Masala chai is enjoyed by one and all whether on a cold winter morning or a wet monsoon evening or a hot summer afternoon. Masala chai is tea with milk and a blend of authentic Indian aromatic herbs and spices including ginger, bay leaf, elaichi or cardamom, cloves, and black pepper. Indian chaiwalas offer delightful masala tea. There are roadside tea stalls on practically every street, road, and lane and by lane, of all towns and cities in India.


Lassi is a quintessential Punjabi drink made from yogurt blended with water, ice cubes and sugar and served with loads of cream. Many innovative chefs have given a slight twist to the classic drink and come up with a number of variations and flavours. Chhaach is very popular too; it is a salty drink prepared from the water left after the extraction of butter. Both drinks are very popular in North India, especially during summer.

Aam Panna

This is a wonderfully tangy mango drink, made by mixing ripe mango juice with salt, spices, mint and cumin. It is very refreshing, and hence popular summer drink or even an accompaniment with any heavy meal.

Nimbu Paani/Shikanji

Perhaps the simplest drink to prepare and enjoy, shikanji is essentially lemonade, prepared with cold water, lemon, salt, sugar and select spices. It is an extremely refreshing drink, and keeps you energized when you need it the most. It is also a fantastic source of Vitamin C. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could try preparing a watermelon, lime or grapefruit shikanji too!


This is a very popular and rather easy to prepare drink, which is also sold in bottled form by several brands. It is essentially a powder created using cumin, black salt,  black pepper, ginger, mint etc. and then dissolved in cold water. It is very rejuvenating and also great for digestion.


Thandai is a great drink, usually related to festivals like Mahashivratri and Holi. It is a rich milk-based drink, with saffron, cardamom and dry fruits to enhance the flavour.

Kokum Sharbat

This is a very popular drink in Maharashtra in West India. It is a very sweet drink concocted from the juice of Kokum berries/fruits. It tastes wonderful and is very good for digestion.

Sol Kadi

This is a very popular drink in coastal India. It has a rosy appearance and a very unique flavour due to Kokum and hints of coconut. It is very rich and creamy and will definitely be an instant hit.

These drinks certainly have a cooling effect and you would love the distinctive taste. Many top Indian food catering Melbourne not only serve mouth-watering authentic Tandoori and Indian dishes but delightful drinks too with lassi and masala tea being the real hot favourites.