Some Indian Desserts that Make All Your Celebrations Complete

Nobody can resist the temptation of having desserts even though they are regarded as sinful. In India, no festival or celebration is complete without the quintessential Indian sweets. You simply cannot undermine the role of desserts in giving a mind-blowing end to even an ordinary meal. Indians have a huge fascination for sweets. Desserts are an integral part of the staple fare in India. You could enjoy some delicious Indian desserts at one of the best Indian restaurants in Australia.

Sweets are even offered to Gods and Goddesses in the temples and places of worship. One can never forget the mouth-watering boondi laddus that are served at the Indian temples and nothing could be more amazing in taste than the khada prasad that is offered at the Gurudwaras.  Most Indian desserts are made from milk and milk solids like khoya, sugar or even jaggery. Here are some of the hot favourite Indian desserts that would surely leave you asking for more and would tantalize your taste buds.

Gulab Jamun: This is a delightful Indian sweet that is loved by one and all. This is made with cottage cheese and milk solids or khoya kneaded together and made into small balls that are deep fried until golden in colour. These fried balls are then soaked in saffron infused sugar syrup. This is a hot favourite choice for festivals and weddings. You could find Gulab Jamuns in all leading Indian restaurants in India or even abroad.

Sandesh: This is supposed to be the trademark of Bengal. You would love this melt-in-the-mouth sweet that is a part of every wedding, festival, or celebration in Bengal. Sandesh is loved by everyone across states in India and it has now crossed domestic boundaries to become popular in Australia, U.K. and even in the U.S.A. Anyone with a sweet tooth would appreciate this delightful Bengali dessert.

Gajar Ka Halwa: This is a very popular sweet dish that originated in Punjab but is now world famous. It is relished all over the world by food enthusiasts.  This dish is made from grated carrot, condensed milk, khoya or milk solids, ghee or clarified butter, and a host of nuts and raisins or kismis. This is enjoyed during the cold winter months. Hot gajar ka halwa is served in wedding receptions, parties, and festivals.

Modak: These are sweet flour dumplings that are stuffed with a delicious filling comprising coconut, saffron, jaggery, and nutmeg. These are actually quite healthy as they are just steamed to perfection. This is a popular Indian dessert that is sure to be prepared during Ganesh Chaturthi, a famous Indian festival.

Phirni: This is a truly delightful dessert and is made mostly in Indian Muslim families during the festivals of Ramzan and Eid. Phirni is actually served in mud pots as per the tradition. You would get Phirni in most Indian restaurants serving Mughlai cuisine. Phirni is made from milk and broken rice and sugar.

Kulfi: You simply cannot resist kulfis that may be regarded as an Indian version of the ice cream. This popular frozen dessert is creamy, dense, and rich. The authentic kulfis would be having kesar, pista or the badam. However, today the quintessential kulfis are given new twists. Mango pulp could be added to get an amazing flavour.

Enjoy Indian desserts in Indian restaurants abroad.