Some Classic Indian Dishes You Would Always Find in Indian Restaurants

Indian food is simply mind-blowing. It is authentic cuisine at its best. Indian food is not only tasty but also loaded with healthy spices and herbs. The distinctive aromas are truly enticing. Indian food is a real treat for every food aficionado and it surely pampers and pleases your taste buds. Indian cuisine is known for mouth-watering dishes, spicy and lip-smacking vegetable stir fries, rich aromatic curries, slow-cooked tender meat and of course, sinful desserts. The hot favourite dishes come in rich textures and appetising colours and one bite seems to be enough for you to identify the divine taste and to leave you yearning for a lot more. Here are some of the most popular Indian dishes that seem to have taken the entire world by storm.

Butter Chicken

This classic and hot favourite Indian delicacy features pieces of chicken in a thick smooth curry sauce that is usually, mildly spiced. The chicken pieces are marinated overnight in hung curd and an authentic desi spice mix. Then the chicken pieces are cooked in a buttery sauce made with butter, tomato puree, and spices that infuse unique flavours and taste taking the dish to a whole new level. Butter chicken was first cooked by brilliant chefs of Delhi’s Moti Mahal Hotel as early as the 1950s.  Also called Murgh Makhani, it is today the most popular Indian dish worldwide. It is usually relished with naan and kaali dal, green salad and chutneys. This is often the most frequently ordered dish in any Indian restaurant in Melbourne.

Tandoori Chicken

This is a char-grilled chicken dish that is cooked in a clay oven called a tandoor. It is an extremely popular Indian dish that is crispy on the exterior and succulent and juicy inside. The smoky flavour is really mind-blowing. Relatively large pieces of chicken are marinated in yogurt, ginger garlic paste, and a combination of Indian spices. Then the marinated chicken pieces are threaded into long skewers and then cooked in high heat inside the tandoor.

Chicken Tikka Masala

A truly delicious delicacy comprising of marinated chunks of chicken which are nicely grilled and added to rich exotic gravy. The sauce has a smooth and rich texture that comes from ingredients such as cream yogurt, coconut cream, fresh cream and tomato puree. The enticing aroma is thanks to the various Indian herbs and spices. Fish, paneer or even lamb tikka masala dishes are offered in many restaurants as alternative versions of chicken tikka masala.

Rogan Josh

This is a Kashmiri delicacy and is available in top Indian restaurants in Melbourne. It is famous for its rich, thick and incredibly flavoursome red sauce and soft & succulent meat. Rogan josh is slow-cooked lamb or goat meat that is actually cooked in oil and infused with various herbs and spices at different stages. Then the meat is cooked in a separate pan in smoothly beaten curd or yoghurt. The dish is allowed to simmer over low heat until cooked. Sometimes Kashmiri red chilli powder is added to give the authentic reddish appearance while sometimes, tomato puree is added. Finally, some fresh cream is drizzled over the dish to give it a finishing touch.


This is the most popular bread in Indian cuisine. It is the most favourite Indian flatbread. It is triangular flat bread made from all-purpose flour, dry yeast, yogurt, warm water salt and clarified butter. It is then roasted in a tandoor. They are served hot and fluffy. Often a dash of butter is added. Butter naan is loved by most children and be sure to find them in any good Indian restaurant in Melbourne. You could relish each one of the above-mentioned dishes with a soft fluffy naan.