Some Amazing Vegetarian Dishes from India that Are Sure to Steal Your Heart

zThe most popular Indian dishes come from Punjab. Punjab has unique culinary treasures and people of Punjab are truly passionate about their cooking and love to use butter and ghee in most of their dishes. Most delicious curries are cooked with clarified butter or ghee. Some of the most popular spices that are used in Punjabi cooking are coriander powder, garam masala, cumin seeds, and carom seeds. All these authentic Indian spices and herbs are used in Punjabi delicacies in generous proportions. The talented chefs in any Indian restaurant in Springvale know the art of balancing diverse flavours so that none of the flavours are too overpowering or overwhelming. Here are some hot favourite vegetarian dishes that you must try.

Aaloo da Paratha

Aloo da Paratha is actually stuffed flat bread that originated in Punjab but is enjoyed throughout India and across the globe. The stuffing is basically boiled and mashed potato with a number of Indian spices and herbs. Aloo Paratha is relished by one and all. The authentic Aloo da Paratha is cooked with a dash of ghee or served with a dash of butter. You can enjoy piping hot parathas along with beaten and nicely spiced yogurt, some pickles etc. It is supposed to be a routine breakfast item in numerous Indian households. There are many other versions of this delicious stuffed paratha. Gobhi ka Paratha, and Paneer Paratha are quite popular with cauliflower and cottage cheese stuffings.

Dal Makhani

This is a delicious lentil preparation that would traditionally take a day to cook. It is the best among all lentil dishes and is quite rich in nutrients especially proteins. Dal makhani would surely be in the menus of all top Indian restaurants and eating joints across the globe. You could enjoy it in the most luxurious five star hotels or in just a local highway dhaba.  It is surely a rich and exotic dish from India known for its mind-blowing taste. It is made from lentils that are cooked in a slow fire overnight until soft, smooth, and creamy. A dash of ghee and butter with classical Indian spices take this dish to a whole new level. It is best enjoyed with naan or Tandoori roti but you may enjoy it with plain rice or pulaos too. You could always find an excuse to have dal makhani. You can try delicious Indian dishes in any Indian restaurant based in Springvale.

Sarson da Saag with Makki di Roti

Sarson da Saag with Makki di Roti certainly is the most favourite and talked about Punjabi dish. This is a traditional dish that is relished during the winter months. Sarson da saag is a hot favourite with nutritionists as it is made from mustard leaves which are rich in protein and iron. In this dish along with the flavourful mustard leaves, spinach and bothua are added to cut down the slight bitterness of the mustard leaves. This would further boost the nutritional value of the dish and enhance the taste of the dish. This authentic Punjabi delicacy is best relished with Makki di Roti that is flat bread made from corn flour.


Lassi is supposed to be a coolant made from curd that is churned in a mixer with a number of spices and sugar. You could have a salted version of lassi too. This is a highly refreshing drink that keeps your mind and body cool. It is best served in authentic Indian clay pots. Everyone enjoys this creamy, thick and frothy drink. It contains no artificial flavours and is a healthy and tasty drink. Mango lassi is quite a hit in recent times.

Any Indian restaurant in Springvale would be serving delightful vegetarian dishes alongside a host of non-vegetarian dishes.