Reasons for the Growing Popularity of Indian Cuisine

Indian food is relished by people all over the world, because it is packed with oodles of taste, energy, and most importantly, love. No other food could match the taste and flavours of Indian delicacies. There is quite a difference between the flavours of Indian cuisine and international cuisine. India boasts of an impressive spice palette and there is a wide variety of Indian cuisine that sets it apart from the rest.

Today practically, in every country across the globe you would be finding an Indian restaurant or any restaurant serving Indian cuisine. Indian food is loved by everyone. Apart from the regulars, tourists visiting Melbourne would always make it a point to enjoy Indian food in the best Indian restaurant there. Indian cuisine has become a hot favourite even abroad and many reasons have been attributed to this. Here are some reasons contributing to the ever-growing popularity of Indian food worldwide.

People Love Its Simplicity

Even though some people have a misconception that Indian recipes are extremely difficult to create, in reality, Indian dishes are pretty simple and you could cook it simply by following TV shows or Cookbooks. Its simplicity is glorified by the intrinsic nutritive value one could get from Indian dishes thanks to the desi masalas or authentic Indian spices that are added to improve the taste of the dishes. Indian dishes get a mind-blowing taste when they are served with side dishes like pickles and salads.

People Are Awestruck by Its Amazing Diversity

Indian cuisine gradually evolved from various local cultures and cuisines across the country. This diversity has given Indian cuisine a whole new dimension and it is loved by everyone. North India is known for wheat as the staple food while East and South India use rice as their staple food. Each region of India boasts of its own unique dishes with distinctive flavours and taste.

Indian menus are forever diversified. If you visit the best restaurant based in Melbourne, you could find vegetarian, fish, meat and even seafood specialties on their extensive menu. People get the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of delicacies while ordering Indian cuisine. There is always something for everybody. There exists a wide variety of choices for everybody and that implies delicious dishes are easy to find.

Indian Delicacies Give a Whole New Dimension to All Festivals & Celebrations

Indian cuisine is known to be relevant to numerous festivals and that makes it quite popular. During the month of January, a festival called Makar Sankranti is usually celebrated by making a huge variety of sweets from rice flour, coconut, sesame, and jaggery. Festivals such as Holi and Diwali are extremely popular worldwide and these celebrations would be incomplete without authentic Indian sweets such as Besan ke laddu, aata ke laddu, gujia, shakkar paara etc. The popularity of Indian festivals has made the authentic Indian sweets and other delicacies such as mathris, chole, samosas, dahi vadas etc. popular worldwide.

The distinctive flavour of Indian food and the rich exotic spices make Indian delicacies truly mouth-watering. They would surely pamper your taste buds like never before and would be leaving you, asking for even more. Moreover, Indian cuisine offers delicious vegetarian, as well as, non-vegetarian alternatives to suit your palate. If you are based in Melbourne and have not yet tasted Indian delicacies, head to the best Indian restaurant there.