Most Popular Punjabi Dishes That Are in Demand Worldwide

Punjab is famous all over the world for spicy, buttery and super delicious food. Punjabi cuisine is known for its great variety.  Whether you are a strict vegetarian or a dedicated meat lover, there is something interesting for you in Punjabi food. Some Punjabi dishes have crossed all barriers both geographic and gastronomic and have become popular worldwide and are most frequently ordered items in Indian restaurants. You could order some of these delicious dishes in most of the famous Indian restaurants in Toorak. Here are some well-known Punjabi delicacies.

Butter Chicken – Butter chicken is regarded as the king of Punjabi delicacies. Butter chicken is surely the crowning jewel of Punjabi cuisine. No festivity or celebration could be complete without this authentic Punjabi dish. This rich and creamy gravy is known for its amazing flavours and finger-licking goodness. It is a hot favourite dish for most Indian whether in India or abroad. This exotic dish could be on the higher side if you are counting calories as it contains quite a lot of butter. However, it is so mouth-watering that it is futile to resist the temptation. Butter chicken tastes yummy when had with soft and fluffy naans.

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is a quintessential Punjabi dish that is one of the most loved dishes worldwide. It is made from blanched and pureed spinach and slightly fried paneer or cottage cheese cubes. Soft cottage cheese cubes are actually simmered in silky smooth and vibrant spinach puree and then a wonderful mix of desi masalas are added to pep up the taste. A blob of butter and a generous dose of desi ghee or clarified butter would take this simple dish to the next level. Many Indian restaurants in Toorak serve delicious palak paneer that is relished equally by both vegetarians and even non-vegetarians.

Dal Makhani

This is a super-delicious smooth textured lentil dish. It is an exotic concoction of the smooth and silky black lentils and the delicious red kidney beans. This is a rich and creamy thick gravy base dish that gets its actual taste from dollops of cream, butter and clarified ghee. Traditionally speaking, this dish should be simmering away in very slow or low flame for hours together to get the silky smooth texture.

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka is a famous Punjabi delicacy and a vegetarian version of the fish, chicken or mutton tikka kebabs. Cubes of cottage cheese are marinated in hung curd with a magical mix of authentic Indian spices and then char grilled in a tandoor. This is a wonderful appetizer and is frequently ordered in restaurants in India and abroad.


Peshawari chole or Amritsari Chole both are super delicious and leave you asking for me. This lip-smacking delight from Punjabi cuisine is a spicy chickpea dish that is cooked with a tomato onion and ginger garlic base along with authentic desi spices that add to the taste and flavours. Amritsari chole is slightly wet and comes with thick gravy while Peshawari chole is slightly drier but both are known for their finger licking goodness. Chole is usually served with hot fluffy bhatura or pooris.


Lassi is the true pride of Punjabi cuisine. It is made from beaten yogurt and could be sweet or salty. The authentic lassi is a sweet one that is served with a generous dollop of cream. Today lassis are served around the world and come in flavours such as strawberry, rose and even mango. You could enjoy a glassful of lassi in any of the Indian restaurants in Toorak and beat the summer heat!