Learn More about Indian Cuisine

Food is certainly one of the fundamental necessities of man. However, while food is consumed by many for survival, there are others who cannot think beyond food because of their deep love, bonding, and obsession with food. You may go to any Indian restaurant anywhere in the world including Narre Warren and you would be amazed to see the great variety and high quality of food that is being served for those people who enjoy having the best food.

How did the Indian food become so popular across the globe?

Indian cuisine has become popular worldwide thanks to the exceptional work by the reputed Indian restaurants operating from diverse locations across the globe. The creativity and the skill of industry’s top-of-the-line chefs have made Indian food ever-so-popular. Today, you would find Indian restaurants in practically all important towns and cities in different countries of the world. Indian cuisine is relished and loved immensely the world over.

What is the chief reason for the popularity of Indian food in Australia?

Since 1960s people started travelling from Australia to India or vice-versa. Several Indians came from India to settle down in Australia looking for a decent livelihood. Currently, there are more than 500,000 Indians living in various towns and cities in Australia. Indians are supposed to be the 4th largest immigrant population based in Australia. This fact has largely contributed to the boost in popularity of food from India. Come to the most reputed Indian restaurant in Narre Warren and enjoy some of the mouth-watering Indian delicacies there.

Why do Australians find Indian food appealing?

Indian food is supposed to be intense, passionate, and colourful. These attributes of Indian food are appreciated by everyone in Australia. Australians love everything about Indian food and enjoy equally rich and spicy South Indian delights and also the fiery and exotic North Indian delicacies.

What are some of the Aussie favourites in an Indian food menu?

Some of their hot favourite Indian dishes are Kebabs, Tandoori Chicken, Potato Curry, Chicken Vindaloo, Dosas, Naan, Eggplant Dishes, Mango Lassi, and also, Masala Chai to name just a few.

What is a Naan?

A naan is supposed to be teardrop-shaped leavened thick bread. They are made in a tandoor. They are super-soft and fluffy and made from dough comprising some refined flour and even eggs. Most rich Indian gravy dishes are enjoyed with naan or other types of Indian bread such as tandoori rotis, rumali rotis, and chapatis.

What is Biryani?

Biryani is an authentic Mughlai delicacy made with aromatic Basmati rice, authentic Indian spices, meat, eggs, and sometimes potatoes. There are a few types of Biryani that are popular namely Hyderabadi Biryani, Lucknowi Biryani, Kolkata Biryani etc. Authentic Indian Biryani is dum cooked meaning cooked in a pan that’s mouth is covered with a lid and sealed tightly. The pan is placed on a slow flame until the biryani is cooked. Saffron is added to milk and sprinkled for the lovely colour and aroma.

How are Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Tikka similar?

Both the Indian hot favourite delicacies are different versions of essentially the same fundamental idea of marinated chicken that is cooked in a clay oven called tandoor. These two are exotic Indian dishes that are loved by Indians and foreigners alike as the chicken is juicy, tender, and truly succulent. These are signature dishes of any reputed Indian restaurant in Narre Warren. They surely pamper your taste buds and leave you asking for more.

What Indian desserts are in great demand in Indian restaurants?

Gajar Ka Halwa, hot Gulab Jamuns, and Kulfi are some of the hot favourite Indian desserts that seem to be always in great demand. Come to the best Indian restaurant in Narre Warren to enjoy the tasty treats!