Indians and Their Intense Passion for Food

 Indians are truly passionate about their food and they always treat their cuisine with incredible seriousness. Cooking food is regarded as a creative art and cooking techniques and recipes are handed down from generation to generation in Indian families. Young girls are encouraged to master culinary skills from very early in life. Indian restaurants are always teeming with guests, which is again a sign that Indians love to eat and enjoy having authentic Indian food irrespective of wherever they are.

Most Indian delicacies are rooted traditionally to one’s identity and culture and they differ from state to state and region to region. Indian food is known for its texture and taste; and is characterized by delectable flavours and generous use of distinctive spices. Indians and passion for food go hand in hand. Let us examine a few questions to understand the pivotal role food plays in every Indian’s life.

Does Food Play an Important Role in Indian Weddings?

Indian weddings are a grand affair and could be regarded as a gigantic food festival. During the marriage ceremony and the various other functions associated with the wedding, the focus in primarily on food. The standard and the quality of most wedding parties are usually, judged only by the quantity and quality of food served to the invitees. The success of a wedding party in India still depends mostly on the fact that guests went back happy and well-fed. Often to make the wedding parties a major hit, top Indian restaurants are contacted for food catering. You could then enjoy authentic Punjabi delicacies; South Indian cuisine, Tandoori delights, Indo-Chinese fusion food, and many such gastronomic delights conjured up by top-level chefs of the industry.

Are Indian Festivals Incomplete without Food?

Yes, no Indian festival is complete without some mind-blowing food. Most Indian festivals concentrate chiefly around organizing elaborate feasts. Often people tend to forget the significance of various rites and rituals associated with the festivals but they would never neglect the food scene. Mouth-watering delicacies that are usually associated with the festivities such as Holi and Diwali are gulab jamuns, gujiyas, dahi vadas and chole bhaturas, samosas, pakodas, malpuas, and laddus.

Why Do Indians Look Forward to Trips or Journeys?

Whether it is a short bus journey or a long train journey or a longer international flight, Indians are more excited about the food they would consume during the journey. No trip seems worth enjoying if there is no mention or concrete plan about food. Most Indians never go out on a trip without carrying some of the authentic Indian dry snacks and sweets. People share their food with outsiders or strangers on train journeys and bus trips. Food is still a great way of bonding with utter strangers, your co-passengers.

Why Do Indians Consider Food to Be So Important?

Food actually deserves a high place in the mind and heart of every Indian. India is a vast country and every state here boasts of its own kind of cuisine and specialty. India offers an infinite variety of delicacies. It is, therefore, quite natural for Indians to be obsessed with food.

Why Do People Love to Go to Indian Restaurants?

Indian restaurants are always teeming with guests even when they are located in foreign countries. Indian food is a hot favourite with everyone, thanks to the best quality ingredients, authentic Indian spices, and distinctive flavours. Chefs use fresh, farm-picked herbs and vegetables that are packed with amazing flavours. The chefs are innovative and passionate about their work. They use their expertise and instinct to conjure up exciting recipes. They believe in excelling in whatever they do and they simply do not accept mediocrity. They are ready to go the extra mile to create mind-blowing food and give the guests an unmatched culinary experience.