Indian Street Food: A Culinary Experience with a Difference

Indian street food adds a whole new chapter to Indian cuisine. The wide variety of Indian street food is known for its authenticity, its unique taste, and incredible variety. Indians are hardcore foodies and they have a special fascination for street food that is available at all times and is a great concept for catching some food on the go. Moreover, street food is quite pocket-friendly and is a delight to both the college-going youngsters and their parents alike. Nothing could beat the variety, taste, quality, and price of street food.

Nowadays, reputed restaurants are serving some of the most popular Indian street foods so you could rest assured that there would be no compromise in terms of quality and healthy ingredients. Some of the best Indian restaurants in Werribee would be serving some of the hot favourite street foods from India to cater to the huge demand for those lip-smacking delights. Today, you could relish delicious Indian street foods in different countries across the globe including Australia, U.K., the U.S.A., Canada, U.A.E, and even China. The street foods that are immensely popular are Pav Bhaji, Pakoda, Samosa, Onion Bhaji, Vada Pav, Chole Bhature, Dahi Vadas, Papdi Chaat, Aloo Tikki Chaat and much more.

What are the most popular street foods of India that are equally popular abroad?

Samosas and Pakodas are two popular Indian street foods that are relished by both young and old alike. Samosas are crispy golden fried triangular savoury pastry stuffed with a spicy potato filling on most occasions. But sometimes, samosas are given a twist and they are filled with spicy boneless or minced lamb or mutton filling to please the taste buds of hard-core non-vegetarian foodies. The crunchy exterior of the piping hot samosas nicely balances the soft filling inside. All top Indian restaurants based in Werribee would be serving samosas as starters.

Pakodas are delightful snacks from India that is available on the streets of all major cities in India and today available in reputed Indian restaurants across the world as starters. These are nothing but fritters or tempura. Onion bhajjis are deep-fried crispy batter-fried onions. Similarly, you could enjoy gobhi or cauliflower pakodas or palak or spinach pakodas. These are ideally enjoyed with piping hot masala chai on a rainy evening or a bright sunny winter day. Samosas taste yummy when had with hot & tangy mint or coriander chutney and sweet & sour tamarind chutney.

What is the most delicious Punjabi street food that is immensely popular in Delhi and abroad?

Chole Bhature is the hot favourite Punjabi food that is a popular street food in Delhi and now available everywhere in India and abroad. This dish comprises the bhatures which are deep-fried soft and spongy flatbread that is served with chickpeas which are cooked with typical Indian spices that make the dish incredibly tasty and pleasantly spicy. Chiole bhature is a popular street food that could be relished as breakfast, a light lunch, or even a nice & filling dinner. It is quite versatile and super-filling. Chole bhature usually comprises of two bhaturas, a katori or bowl of chana or chickpeas, mixed pickle, and a green salad (slices of onion, tomatoes, and cucumber).

What are the world famous street foods that originated in Mumbai?

Vada Pao and Pav Bhaji are the two world famous street foods that originated in Mumbai. Vada Pao is the Indian and the vegetarian version of the burger that is a hot favourite item worldwide. It usually comprises a crispy and deep-fried potato patty filled in a soft burger bread-type bun. Some tangy and spicy chutney are added to give the dish an edge. Pav Bhaji comprises a soft & tasty bun served with a spicy & exotic mixed vegetable dish. A blob of butter gives a whole new dimension to the bhaji or the veg mix.

Enjoy some of the mouth-watering street foods, starters, main course items, and even desserts from authentic Indian cuisine at all famous Indian restaurants located in Werribee in Australia.