Health Benefits of Spices that Make Indian Dishes Ever-So-Delicious

If you are opting for salads and avoiding the fiery and delicious Indian curries, it is time to reconsider your decision. The authentic Indian spices not only result in exotic flavours but they have some health benefits too. Take the example of Turmeric that is known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant powers. Cinnamon is effective in combating bad cholesterol. Though you are not requested to give up the idea of enjoying your salads, you could enjoy the Indian delicacies from time to time to relish the taste and enjoy the health benefits of the savoury spices. Come to any one of the reputed restaurants in Toorak that are serving authentic Indian food and discover the world of flavoursome, tasty and healthy food.

Turmeric or Haldi

This is a golden spice that boasts of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant powers. Numerous scientific studies have revealed that curcumin which is found in turmeric is effective in reducing blood cholesterol levels. Curcumin has antioxidant properties that are supposed to be effective in preventing cardiovascular complications, especially, in people suffering from diabetes. Most Indian dishes including most of the famous Punjabi dishes such as matar paneer, yellow dal, kadhai chicken, mutton dopaiza all have a pinch of turmeric in them for getting the authentic Indian golden coloured dishes. You must come to one of the famous Indian restaurants if you are in Toorak, to enjoy the mouth-watering Indian delicacies.

Cloves or Lawng

Cloves boast of anti-fungal, heating and expectorant properties. Cloves seem to be an integral ingredient in preparing an herbal Indian drink called kahdha, which is known to cure a cough and cold. Clove oil is supposed to be an instant remedy for relief from a toothache. Cloves prevent bad breath and are good for relieving any stomach-associated issues.

Cardamom or Elaichi

Cardamom is known for its warming and aromatic properties. It is great for stimulating appetite and enhancing digestion. Cardamoms are just right for relieving gas, colic, vomiting, nausea, acid stomach, and even indigestion. This is added to the most popular Indian masala chai or the spiced Indian tea for enhancing the fragrance and for health benefits. This wonderfully fragrant spice has often been prescribed for issues relating to indigestion such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, and intestinal gas. Many people are in the habit of chewing cardamom seeds after a meal. This is done to get rid of bad breath.

Cinnamon or Dalchini

Cinnamon is effective in reducing both the total and also the bad cholesterol or LDL. It is instrumental in increasing good cholesterol. It is good for boosting insulin resistance as such it is great for diabetes management.

Dried Mango Powder or Aamchur

Aamchur is mostly used in curries and chutneys. It has high Vitamin C and Vitamin A content. It is good for women during pregnancy as it has high iron content. Aamchur is also effective in reducing acidity-associated health issues.

Asafoetida or Hing

Hing is best for increasing digestive enzymes and is effective in boosting nutrient assimilation. It is used for its flavour in many Indian dishes but it is equally effective in relieving menstrual pain, acne, and helps in soothing bee stings.

Black Peppercorns or Kaali Mirch

Numerous scientific studies have established the fact that black peppercorns are good for lowering cholesterol and are effective in accelerating cardiac function recovery post heart attacks. Piperine which is an active component of pepper is able to modify and strengthen the effects of several other medicines, especially, blood thinning agents.

What are you waiting for? If you are in Toorak, head over to one of the famous Indian restaurants for enjoying the ever-so-delicious and spicy but healthy Indian curries.