Growing Popularity of Indian Cuisine Worldwide

Indian recipes are renowned the world over for the simplistic cooking techniques which maintain the food’s nutritional value as well as enhance the taste by using various spices and mixes. Salads and pickles too originated from India, and they were served as appetizers. There are several reasons for the immense popularity of Indian food and the love it has found all over the world.

Amazing Spices

Indian food tastes delicious because of the amazing spices that are used in the dishes. This has made Indian cuisine very popular. The demand for Indian spices has gone up in the world markets in recent times. Previously, it was only curry powder or some selected ready-to-use spice mixes that were in demand. Today whole Indian spices are becoming popular and are found in the spice markets and also, in the kitchens of some of the fine dining restaurants. You would be finding some signature Indian spice markets today. Spices such as cinnamon (dalchini), ajwain, cloves, star anise, black cardamom, tamarind seeds and coriander (dhania) are really quite popular abroad.

Flavour: Indian food is a festival of flavours, rich in spices. It can be sweet and fiery all at once and is honestly absolutely incredible to taste. Indians are experts in the use of spices, nuts, herbs and other flavours and can weave magic for your taste buds.

Variety: The range of choices for Indian food is so wide that you would never have to repeat any dish. There are tons of delicacies to try out, and each brings with it a distinctive taste. There are gastronomic delights for any palate, and you are sure to find your new favourite dish here! Indian food is also not limited to vegetarian or non-vegetarian. The sheer variety of dishes available for both is incredible.

Recipes and Restaurants

Many people are under the misconception that cooking Indian food is pretty time-consuming, expensive, confusing and stressful too. In reality, Indian meals are easy to cook and they are simple despite their complex appearance. There are a plethora of recipes available online, in libraries, in books and from family and friends. It is absolutely impossible not to locate a simple recipe. Simplicity is the striking feature of Indian cooking. A few dishes could be slightly complex but a wide majority of these dishes are not. In Indian food, the nutritional value is retained and simple spices enhance the taste.

Indian Community’s Presence

Flavour, taste, and variety are some of the obvious reasons why Indian cuisine has become so popular. Another fact is the presence of Indian community abroad that has also, been a major reason behind the success and popularity of Indian food abroad. Indians are present in big numbers in Australia, UK, and the USA and the size of the community is growing bigger and bigger with each passing day. If there are Indians in a foreign land obviously, there would be demand for Indian food there.

Indian Expats

Indian expats have been responsible for popularizing Indian cuisine in a big way. Indian expats are known to have played a key role in making Indian food famous in Australia, UK, USA, Canada, North America and other countries in the world. These countries are having Indian specialty restaurants everywhere. You would find many popular Indian restaurants in Collingwood too.

The Cable Television

One cannot undermine the role of cable television that has recorded a major growth in the past few decades. It has been responsible for enhanced coverage of Indian food and recipes on diverse TV channels. This has made a great impact on everyone and has helped Indian food to become immensely popular worldwide.

Today popular desi fare such as chicken tikka, kebabs, tandoori chicken, biryani, masala dosa, naan, and curries are hot favourites and are available everywhere including Canada, UK, USA, Australia, Middle East, China and many others. Hollywood celebrities and famous international singers and personalities touring India have often expressed their love and familiarity with Indian food.