Garam Masala: the Amazing Indian Spice Mix that Peps up All Dishes

Indian curries are popular worldwide thanks to their mind-blowing taste and distinctive flavours. Food connoisseurs know that garam masala is that secret ingredient that makes all Indian sabzis and curries taste delicious and smell simply enticing. Come explore the extensive menu in a reputed restaurant serving Indian food in South Yarra.

What is Garam Masala?

Garam masala is an amazing blend of a few ground or powdered spices that is used extensively in popular Indian delicacies. The whole spices are generally toasted before they are ground, to bring out the authentic aroma of the different spices. There is no fixed proportion or exact mix. The amazing mix could vary from one household to another or from one region to another. Moreover, the whole spices that constitute a garam masala may differ also. However, a typical garam masala would be including green cardamom, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, nutmeg, coriander, and even peppercorns. The contents would differ slightly under due to regional influence or as per personal preferences. Some other optional ingredients of the garam masala mix could be star anise, bay leaf, stone flower, asafoetida, cubeb or chilli etc.

You could make your own garam masala so that you could enjoy the amazing flavours of freshly ground spices. You must make garam masala powder in a minute quantity so that it could be used away quickly. Likewise, buy garam masala in very small packages as with time; the spices are bound to lose their authentic flavours that could upset the flavour balance. Garam masala must be kept in air-tight containers only and in a dry and cool place.  If you make your own garam masala, you could notice and feel the difference. Visit a reputed restaurant that serves authentic Indian food in South Yarra.

How to Use the Quintessential Garam Masala

Garam masala is frequently used in cooking and is becoming increasingly popular in the culinary world. If you still have not tried using this wonderful spice mix in your cooking, you must. You are surely missing out on a wonderfully aromatic spice blend. Moreover, you do not have to reserve it exclusively for the Indian delicacies. Garam masala is used quite often in South Asian delicacies too.

Garam masala is usually added to any dish just after it has been cooked and it could also easily be sprinkled on all your lentils, curries, soups, or even piping hot scrambled eggs. The various spices that are to be put into the mix are ground in water, vinegar, or coconut milk or blended with herbs to make an aromatic, flavourful paste. You can choose a balanced, nuanced taste or accentuate a particular spice and make it your hero.

What Does Garam Masala Actually Taste Like?

Garam masala is wonderfully aromatic and truly delicious. Garam masala is a perfect balance of the aspired six tastes. Peppercorns add heat, cinnamon would be infusing sweetness and warmth, fennel plus coriander would be adding a spicy floral element while cumin would be infusing an element of warmth. All these spices together would be adding complexity and depth to authentic Indian recipes both savoury and sweet.

What Are Some Of The Amazing Benefits of Garam Masala?

Garam masala is known to provide the perfect balance of heat and warmth required for optimal metabolism. If you do not consume garam masala, there are chances that your body would be becoming sluggish and toxins would be getting accumulated. Garam masala is known to boost immunity, promote weight loss, assist in digestion, alleviate pain, and effectively reduce blood sugar levels.

If you still haven’t experienced the pleasures of tasting a dish with garam masala as an ingredient, try it now. It is bound to be delicious and healthy. Once you discover the exotic and fragrant spice mix, you would relish authentic Indian dishes every day. Try top class Indian food in South Yarra with your family and friends at a renowned restaurant there.