Exploring the Amazing World of Indian Cuisine

Food is needed and loved by everyone and it is often the hot topic of discussion. We could go on talking about food endlessly. You might have tasted various mouth-watering dishes of India but do you have any idea about Indian food history? Or are you aware of some of the amazing facts about Indian food? You may visit some of the top Indian restaurants in Toorak and explore their extensive menu. You would surely have an enjoyable culinary experience. Here are some interesting facts about the wonderful world of Indian cuisine.

Why is India referred to as the Amazing Land of Spices?

India has been rightly referred to as the Amazing Land of Spices because no other nation across the globe produces such an overwhelming variety of spices as India has been doing so far.

Are all staple ingredients associated with Indian cuisine of Indian origin?

No, not at all! Some of the staple Indian cuisine ingredients such as chilli, potato, and even tomato cannot boast of an Indian origin. They were all introduced by the Portuguese in India. Moreover, the Portuguese also brought with them refined sugar. Previously, Indians used honey, fruits, and other such natural sweeteners in their food.

Do you know about the origin of Chicken Tikka Masala?

The most popular and probably the most frequently ordered item in most Indian restaurants in Toorak, the Chicken Tikka Masala was actually introduced in Glasgow in Scotland.

What do you know about the flavours of Indian cuisine?

As per the food connoisseurs, Indian food is known for six distinctive flavours such as salty, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and astringent. A perfect Indian meal is actually a wonderful balance of all these six distinctive flavours. In some dishes, a particular flavour or a couple of distinctive flavours may seem overpowering.

Do Indians love chutneys and pickles?

Yes, of course, Indians have a deep love for chutneys and pickles. Indian meals are incomplete without some lip-smacking chutney and some finger-licking pickles. You would be surprised to know that many British people developed a deep love for Indian chutneys while they were in India.

Do Indians love sweets or desserts?

Yes, Indians have a deep love for sweets or Mithais. Sweets are an integral part of Indian cuisine. No festivals, weddings or any other celebration could be complete without sweets such as gulab jamuns, laddus, rabri, malpua, jalebi etc. Payasam is supposed to be a hot favourite Indian dessert that has its origin in South India. A South Indian wedding cannot be over until guests are served some delicious payasam. Similarly, the authentic Rasogulla, Nolen gurer sandesh and payesh from Bengal are the pride of India. Nothing could taste as yummy as these mind-blowing desserts. Kesar Kulfi, Mango Kulfi, etc. are some of the hot favourite desserts loved by Indians across the world. Today, most Indian restaurants in Toorak serve some of these famous Indian sweets including kulfi.

How did the world get their favourite Biryani?

In 1856, Nawab Wajid Ali Shah came to Calcutta introducing the well-known and absolutely delicious Calcutta Biryani. There was a massive shortage of food so he ordered a meat and rice dish that was cooked slowly in any earthen pot or handi. The lid would be sealed thoroughly with the help of dough. This slow cooking in a handi became famous as the dum cooking.

Indian restaurants in Toorak are frequented by Indians because they love the mind-blowing food. This is the best way for them to reconnect effortlessly with their roots. They love reliving nostalgic moments here.