Essential Food Items That Make Indian Food Undeniable

How many times have you heard people around you praise the goodness of Indian food? And yet, most of us find it absolutely unsurprising. With the kind of spices and ingredients used to make the dishes, eating at an Indian restaurant in Melbourne is an experience worth having.

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While most spices and condiments are vital to Indian foods, there are a few ingredients that tend to make food taste even better. With just a dash of the ingredients mentioned below, food at an Indian restaurant is bound to be the best you have ever had:

  1. Coconut or coconut milk

Coconut is one an ingredient most essential in south Indian cooking. From the velvet flesh of the coconut to the oil and the water, every part of the coconut is used while cooking, making the dish an amalgamation of various flavours. Apart from south Indian dishes, you can find coconut added in a number of cuisines in various forms. Dried coconut is yet another ingredient that is used not only in cooking but also while preparing desserts.

  1. Saffron

One of the costliest spices known, saffron is widely used for its notable aroma and the hue it gives off. Grown majorly in the Kashmir province of India, this spice is harvested once a year. With it taking hundreds and thousands of flowers to gather a pound or two of saffron, the spice is rare, expensive, and much sought-after. This spice is used widely in the making of desserts and Indian Mughlai cuisines.

All of these ingredients have a distinct taste that adds to every food item in making it all the more delicious, aromatic, and mouth-watering.