6 Overwhelmingly Delectable North Indian Delicacies

Dilli ki Chaat, Kashmiri Rogan Josh, Amritsari Chole Bhature and more are some of the delicacies you must never miss when in North India. The wonderful combination of spices, vegetables and other ingredients has the magical power to compel you for indulging in a sinful treat. But, what about those who stay in Australia? Restaurants in Werribee prepare a whole range of mouth-watering North Indian dishes to satiate your craving for rich Indian food.

Scroll down to read about some of the most popular North Indian food items that can blow you off.

# Rogan Josh

An authentic mutton dish originating in Kashmir, this dish is a favourite throughout India. With its perfect use of spices and other ingredients, it is a mind-boggling addition to a restaurant’s menu.

# Chole Bhature

Ummm! That is the first expression emitting from your mouth post the first bite of the puri and the chickpea curry prepared with lots of love. Straight from a Punjabi household, this wonderful concoction can please a hungry soul in any season.

# Butter Chicken

If you want to drown yourself in the creamy layers of a gastronomic genius, what can be better than butter chicken? Served on a plate with plain roti or paratha, this dish is a gift from the North Indian kitchen. Visit a restaurant and place an order. You will love having the delicacy from the Punjabi kitchen.

# Nihari Gosht

Tender meat cooked on low heat to prepare one of the tastiest recipes in Indian cuisine – yes I am talking about Nihari Gosht. If you are a mutton lover, you must never miss this spicy addition to the menu. Chefs at restaurants in Werribee pay a lot of attention to the tastes and preferences of individual clients. They understand how deeply their clients miss the taste of their homeland in a foreign land. They sometimes customize the dishes to meet the taste buds of their clients. After all, keeping clients satisfied is the secret behind a successful restaurant business.

# Aloo Samosa

A cold evening, some dear friends, coffee, and aloo samosa. This fried delicacy, meant to be had with tea or coffee or simply just like that, is a must have in most Indian households. Stuffed with potato, chickpeas and prepared with garlic and onion, this flour made dish is not just ravishing to taste, but adds a spicy touch to your evening gathering.

Come family occasions or Diwali, samosa is mandatory in almost all North Indian get-togethers. In fact, it is a much-loved dish throughout the country.

# Dum Biriyani

Chicken or mutton, this overwhelmingly delicious Mughlai recipe can make the sand slip under your feet. It is that good! Chicken or mutton, cooked with rice and the ideal mixture of spices can never have an alternative.

These above-mentioned dishes from North India can successfully render a charming feeling to the parched taste buds of Indians in Australia. Restaurants in Werribee present the ideal atmosphere and the perfect dressing while bringing to you tasteful preparations of North India.