Mild Indian Curries for A Tummy-Filling Meal

Mild Indian Curries For A Tummy Filling Meal

The combination of a curry and Indian bread is perfect for a meal. Indian curries are known for their use of spices and condiments and most of these dishes are spicy in taste. Almost every Indian curry contains several vegetables which makes it both nutritious and delicious. Well, not everyone is a fan of spicy food and therefore there are some curry preparations which are mild in taste with only a hint of spice. Primarily, most vegetarian curries contain paneer as their main ingredient but many other vegetables are also included. In order to enjoy Indian curries, you must go with an empty stomach because these curries are rich in both texture and ingredients. Indian curries are perfect for meals because they are heavy on the stomach. Most of these curries have gravy which makes them interesting to the core. Try delicious Indian curries at a restaurant in South Yarra. Here are some mild Indian curries which are ideal for your taste buds.

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala is a less spicy Indian curry which mainly consists of paneer i.e. cottage cheese. Paneer chunks are cooked in a cashew nut gravy with just a few spices. Fenugreek is also added in a small quantity to the preparation. Smooth in textureand low in spice, this curry is extremely rich in its ingredients and flavour. Paneer Butter Masala should be eaten with Indian bread! Moreover, this entire preparation is further garnished with fresh cream which enhances it all the more.

Malai Kofta

One of the most adored North Indian dishes, Malai Kofta is made up of deep-fried potato and cheese dumplings. These dumplings are then added to a rich creamy gravy which makes it tummy-filling. Malai Kofta tastes amazingly well with Indian bread like naan, butter roti, etc.

Vegetable Korma

A combination of several vegetables, vegetable korma is a delight for all. Selected vegetables are cooked in a creamy gravy with a few herbs. The dish is then garnished with cashew nuts. Vegetable korma is quite heavy on the stomach so before you plan to binge on the same make sure you are hungry enough.

Visit a restaurant in South Yarra and enjoy these delicious Indian curries.