Popular Indian Dishes In Australia

Indian food has been steadily gaining popularity and is a revered cuisine with global diners. The demand can be attributed to the wide variety of foods that India has to offer the world, resonating with luscious dishes, interesting combinations and delightful textures that bring diners comfort with every bite. Now, we can happily enjoy our weekly go-to takeout butter chicken from down the road and look for elevated dishes when we eat out at restaurants that highlight Indian fine dining in Australia, too.

With so many regions, languages and cultures shared through Indian food with Australia, we are spoilt for choice with delightful and delicious options when dining out. These are some of the most popular dishes that we all can’t help but devour.

Tasteful Bread

Because India is so vast in diversity, there are so many flatbreads for us to enjoy with our delectable curries. Naan, paratha and dosa usually are the most common orders, but roti and poori are just as delectable with the right dishes.

Vegetarian Delights

Indian food is a good alternative for those on a plant-based diet because it has so many different choices available to order. The smoky flavours of Dal Makhani go well with rice or naan, Saag Paneer is the perfect side and Dal Tadka is a winner for cooler evenings. Even with meat, these dishes stand well on their own and are delicious options to order.

Flavourful Menus

From layered biryanis, creamy North Indian Kormas and South Indian spicy chicken Chettinad, diners can enjoy almost every region of India in one sitting. There is a dish for everyone, ranging in taste, variety and most importantly, flavour.

With dishes being popularised on social media and famous cooking shows, Indian food has easily become the number one favourite in many homes. More so, the previous misconceptions of Indian dishes being oily, heavy and overly spicy are no longer shared by most of us these days.

The cuisine is being uplifted to make for more contemporary meals, and diners can take delight in growing establishments focused on Indian fine dining in Australia.

At Jai Ho, each one of our meals is an experience on its own, tasting our history and richly intertwined culture with every dish. Book a table at one of our locations today to enjoy the best of Indian fine dining in Australia.