Expand Your Palate This New Year With These 5 Indian Delicacies

The year is coming to an end and the new year is fast approaching us. With the new year comes new year’s resolutions and reflections on the past year.

Food choices are generally a big topic for debate, fun or self-reflection. There are many reasons for wanting to try new foods, such as a foodie who wants to expand their culinary palate, someone wanting to make healthier food choices, or you’re trying to cut down your meat intake.

We’ve put together five types of Indian cuisine dishes you should explore to expand your food palate this new year.

  1. Punjabi Goat Curry 

This one is definitely for the foodies out there ‒ delicious prime cuts of spring goat meat slow-cooked with our secret herbs and spices and finished off with fresh coriander. If you haven’t tried goat yet, give this curry a chance and you will see why this is one of our chef’s signature dishes.

  1. Malai Kofta 

Trying to cut down on your meat intake? This delicacy from Northern India is proving that vegetarian food doesn’t have to be bland. Deep fried potato and cheese balls covered with a rich, creamy gravy, it’s obvious that this will be a popular dish in the family.

  1. Warm Chicken Salad 

Looking for something more carb-conscious and healthy? Try a warm Indian chicken salad. The beautiful thing about Indian cuisine is being able to jam-pack the flavour into something that is generally considered not so flavourful. Our warm chicken salad consists of chicken tikka pieces tossed with a fresh garden salad and a wonderful chef’s salad dressing.

  1. M&M Naan With Vanilla Ice-Cream 

We will give you a second to read that again… It may be on the opposite side of the health spectrum, but everyone deserves a treat now and then. This delicate homemade flaky flour bread is stuffed with M&Ms, cooked to golden perfection in a Tandoor, drizzled with chocolate syrup and accompanied with some scoops of creamy vanilla ice-cream. Your sweet tooth will thank you!

  1. Kashmiri Lamb Cutlets

Kashmiri brings you an authentic taste of our head chef’s home region. This classic dish is mild in taste and bursting in flavour with its wonderful use of spices and Yogurt.

Expand your palate this new year with our delicious types of Indian cuisine. We would love to welcome you to your table at any of our locations! If you can’t sit down, you can order online or call and collect on your way home.