What Makes Indian Cuisine So Sought After Among Aussie Foodies?

You don’t have to be Indian to enjoy Indian food. This is becoming more and more evident by the rainbow of patrons often seen queuing at Indian restaurants in Australia and the world over. People of all backgrounds and cultures are warming up to the tastes and flavours of cuisine from India, and often have very positive experiences to share. We delve into the mix of these ethnic delights to find out why this type of oriental cuisine is in such high demand.

Flavour, Spice & All Things Nice

Indian food is characterised by its unique bursts of flavour and colour that are appetising and deeply satisfying. An endless variety of spices and exotic herbs are sourced from all corners of India to produce dishes that are hard to replicate. That’s probably why you will hear your friends or colleagues saying, “Let’s go out for Indian food!” It’s not that easy to create the same enchanting delights at home.

Dining at a traditional Indian restaurant in Australia will also give you that sense of magic and intriguing history synonymous with Indian dishes. The species and flavours have travelled across the world to add life and zest as well as immune-boosting properties to your food.

Easy On The Budget

From butter chicken to tandoori chicken to biryani, fish masala, paneer or exotic curries, Indian foods sound luxurious but are quite gentle on the budget. This is because they often include simple, freshly grown ingredients and an eclectic mix of vegetables that are inexpensive. It’s the masterful cooking, unique combinations and rich spices that make Indian cuisine so irresistible. Your local Indian restaurant in Australia will most likely serve an impressive range of vegetarian dishes as well for those looking for an out-of-the-ordinary meat-free dining experience.

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