Beef Dishes – Hoppers Crossing


Beef Rogan Josh $17.90
Diced Beef cubes simmered in rich onion, tomato gravy with fennel & selected spices garnished with coriander.

Beef Korma $17.90
Tender Beef pieces cooked with herbs in creamy gravy garnished with cashew nuts
chef’s recommendation for mild taste buds

Beef Vindaloo $17.90
Lean Pieces beef and potatoes cooked in hot vindaloo sauce garnished with coriander. A Delicacy from Goa.

Beef Madras $17.90
Diced Beef Top cuts sealed along with mustard seeds & coconut milk cooked till perfection with
Chef’s Special Southern Indian Sauce garnished with coconut.

Eggplant Beef $17.90Beef top cuts slow cooked along with fresh eggplant in special clay pot topped with fresh coriander.

Kashmiri Beef $17.90
Lean Pieces of Beef simmered in traditional Kashmiri chillies and fennel scented yogurt gravy.
A famous delicacy from Kashmir valley