Indian Restaurant Hawthorn, Melbourne

India being a land of many languages, cultures and traditions is diverse in its music, arts and crafts as well as cuisine. As rich and diverse as its culture, Indian food hawthorn offers a wide assortment of dishes prepared with a range of traditional spices, herbs and fresh ingredients. Spices add a unique flavour to the food and give it a spicy hot taste or tangy twist. Contrary to common belief, not all Indian dishes are curries. There is a huge variety in both the format and textures of cuisine that you can palate, and there is always something new to discover at Indian restaurants hawthorn.
At Jai Ho, Indian restaurant hawthorn we prepare traditional dishes with a contemporary twist. Kitchen starts early from picking the spices to the grounding of spices. Our  uses the finest and freshest ingredients. If you’re venturing out to try Indian cuisine you will be well assured that our chef will customize the dishes according to your convenience.
With over ten years of experience in the finest restaurants in hawthorn and hotels in Melbourne, the chef and his team at Hawthorn prepare Indian food that is suitable for everyone’s taste buds.  In his own words, “Cooking has always been my passion and at Jai Ho Indian Restaurant I can bring it alive.” And this passion is what keeps bringing back our customers over and over. Here’s what are happy customers have to say “The chef here knows how I like my curries. How spicy or thick I want it. This keeps bringing me back.”; “The surroundings are lovely. It’s a wonderful dining experience. This makes us keep coming back”. “Reminds me of food I had in India, service is pretty good here.”
Awarded as one of the best Indian restaurants in hawthorn, our team ensures that they maintain the highest levels of service standards. Our mission is to serve our guests like we did in our households back in Punjab.  Our chefs prepare all meals with a zeal to bring alive the richness and diversity, that is India. Having said this, we like to strike a fine balance between the traditional and the modern – by adding a contemporary twist to some popular traditional recipes.
Jai Ho Indian Restaurant is a mission statement, that translates to victory shall be yours. We make sure that even our guests are victorious over expectations they have towards our food and service. We guarantee you a refined dining experience married with fine dine service at our hawthorn Indian restaurant.
So come, experience the diversity of Indian flavours at the best Indian restaurant hawthorn Melbourne.

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