Popularity of Indian food across the globe

An Indian restaurant can be found in any part of the word that offers Indian cuisine to the patrons. There are several reasons to support that Indian cuisine has some influence everywhere. Likewise, there are many Indian restaurants in Dandenong who are happily satisfying the taste buds of consumers.

Simple and Nutritious

Indian food is the easiest to cook. It is been misunderstood that Indian recipes are difficult but that does not stand true. Indian food is simple and can be cooked by anyone with the help of cookbooks or TV shows. With these simple recipes, the nutritional value that one gets is immense. The spices add beautiful flavour and aromas to the dish making it heavenly.


While you visit an Indian restaurant, the number of dishes present on the menu card is countless. This is because of the diversity of the country that offers a variety of dishes. Every part of the country has something special and peculiar to offer that makes it special. Various cultures have influenced in making Indian cuisine diverse and delectable.

Its cuisine is relevant to many festivals

Indian cuisine and festivals are interlinked. There is a specific reason why a dish is been served in a particular region. However, the primary reason is that these foods are known to maintain body temperature during those seasons. For example, During Makar Sankranti, sweets made of sesame and jaggery are made in order to warm your body during winters. This makes Indian food popular worldwide. Likewise, there are many festivals that are celebrated in India and relevant food dishes are being made.

Ayurveda and Yoga

Ayurveda is a natural treatment for several body ailments. Its principle is based on eating healthy and nutritious Indian food. Along with that, even Yoga is practiced in India which emphasizes hygienic food. Ayurveda and Yoga both have gained popularity in the west. Eating right and properly along with yoga can help you lead a quality life.

Indian cuisine has indeed built an influence on many nations across the globe which can be seen by the popularity of this food. This is the primary reason behind several Indian restaurants venturing into different countries. Give in a try for Indian food. Jai Ho is an Indian restaurant in Dandenong that offers a diverse set of menus that are liked by all the customers who come and visit us.