5 Health Benefits Of Eating Indian Food

It is a myth that Indian food served across various Indian restaurants is often greasy and unhealthy. However, this is just another version of Indian fast food. But when you happen to see proper authentic Indian food cooking, you will be surprised. It is full of exotic flavours and ingredients that are best for your health.

Let us see the 3 health benefits that Indian food has to offer us:


It is essential to have an intake of five fruits and vegetables every day in your diet. But everyone struggles to achieve that portion. Whereas with Indian food, it is super easy. Ideally, Indian food is cooked with a lot of vegetables in it that helps us get all the nutrients.  There are various cooking processes involved in Indian cooking that enhances our nutrition level.


Indian food is incomplete without the mention of spices. You can find every Indian restaurant in Hawthorn using different spices to make their food delicious. India is a rich country known for its spices that are also useful in curing many petite health problems.

1. Chillies- They help in curing a cold and sinuses and also helps in metabolism which helps in maintaining body weight.

2. Turmeric- Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that help in curing swellings. Turmeric tea is another drink which is made of turmeric ad ginger which helps the digestion of food and reduces excess weight.

3. Nutmeg is called superfood and often helps in curing tooth decay. It helps in improving memory and even combat the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Everything From Scratch

You won’t find a place for processed foods ingredients in Indian cooking. You will find every single thing made from scratch. All freshly chopped vegetables and ingredients are used in the cooking of Indian food and in all the Indian restaurants.

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