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Indian Breads’ Spread and Their Making

Indian food has won hearts everywhere not only for their unique and distinct taste but also the preparation and all the fascination it holds. One of the most...

How Indian Cuisine Can Add Colour To Your Wedding

Are you planning your wedding in Melbourne and looking for catering options that will add colour and excitement to your special day? Look no further than Indian cuisine! As an Indian restaurant offering wedding catering services in Melbourne, we understand the...

Eat Your Way Around the World: How Dining Out Expands Our Horizons

Have you ever found yourself yearning for adventure and excitement but lacking the means to travel the world? Fear not! One of the best ways to explore different cultures and cuisines is by dining out. As the world becomes increasingly connected, dining out has become...

Why Choose A Restaurant For Your Next Birthday Party?

Are you looking for a unique and enjoyable way to celebrate your birthday? Look no further than your local Indian restaurant! Hosting your party at a restaurant has several benefits that make it the perfect choice for any celebration. In this blog post, we look at...

Best Guide For How To Choose A Good Restaurant In Richmond

Looking for delicious restaurants in Richmond? You’re in the right neighbourhood! The dining scene is very evident with its streets brimming with many cafes, rooftop pubs, laid-back eateries, delectable Asian restaurants and quirky hamburger joints. Apart from...

Elevating Your Event With Indian Food

The misconception that Indian food is more a ‘takeout food ’ than a fine dining option has been proven wrong in recent years. It has been uplifted and its popularity has only grown. Rich curries, flavoursome biryanis, earthy naan and decadent kheers all hold the deep...

Popular Indian Dishes In Australia

Indian food has been steadily gaining popularity and is a revered cuisine with global diners. The demand can be attributed to the wide variety of foods that India has to offer the world, resonating with luscious dishes, interesting combinations and delightful textures...

What Makes Indian Cuisine So Sought After Among Aussie Foodies?

You don’t have to be Indian to enjoy Indian food. This is becoming more and more evident by the rainbow of patrons often seen queuing at Indian restaurants in Australia and the world over. People of all backgrounds and cultures are warming up to the tastes and...

Experience The Finest Indian Cuisine In Melbourne At Jai Ho

Tandoori, naan or rogan josh - take your pick! Indian food has been revered and enjoyed by people of all cultures globally and with good reason. There is endless variety, each option is a burst of flavour, and it also has nutritional benefits. Many of the ingredients...

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