Chef’s Signature Dishes


Lamb Shank Curry $24.00
Slow cooked lamb shank with favorsome spices for a tempting main course

Lamb Kofta Curry $17.00
Succulent lamb koftas slow cooked in Chef’s special sauce

Jai Ho Murg Kali Mirch $17.00
Chicken pieces(with bone)cooked in smooth gravy of tomato, onions,
freshly cracked black pepper and coriander. A delicacy from north India

Punjabi Goat Curry $18.00
Prime cuts of spring goat (with bone) slow cooked with chef’s special herbs and spices fnished with fresh coriander

Tawa Paneer Bhurji $17.00
Freshly grated premium cottage chesse &green peas cooked with chef’s special herbs and spices served on tawa.

Jai Ho Shahi Naan $7.50
Giant plain four bread topped with sesame seeds & fresh coriander.